The Cinema Rosa: Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

The Cinema Rosa Walkthrough and guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!   Achievements – Spoiler-free Overview Story-related Cinema Paradiso High Rise Winner ↫︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎✣︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎↬︎ Missable Collectibles All collectibles are listed in order of their appearance. ⋗︎ Emails PC in the entrance lobby. PC in office next to the restrooms, check it twice. ⋗︎ Newspapers In front of the … Read more