The Cinema Rosa: Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

The Cinema Rosa Walkthrough and guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!


Achievements – Spoiler-free Overview
  • Cinema Paradiso
  • High Rise
  • Winner


Missable Collectibles

All collectibles are listed in order of their appearance.

⋗︎ Emails
  1. PC in the entrance lobby.
  2. PC in office next to the restrooms, check it twice.
⋗︎ Newspapers
  1. In front of the entrance, outside.
  2. On the counter in the entrance lobby.
  3. On the table in the small room with the first projector.
  4. In the storage room, below the leftmost shelf.
  5. Behind the cinema seats on the second floor.
  6. Security room, on a green file cabinet.
⋗︎ Postcards
  1. Next to the power switches in the entrance lobby.
  2. In the upper part of the cupboard in the piano room.
  3. In the lower part of the cupboard in the room with the first pro^jector.
  4. In one of the toilet rooms.
  5. On the desk in the small office next to the restrooms.
  6. In a grey cupboard next to the movie storage room.


Secrets and Missable Items
Patch Adams
The hospital tag is hidden behind the “The Glass Key” poster outside.
The Friendly Ghost
You can chase a certain ghost by interacting with it several times.
Beauty and the Beast
The roses are behind the central building in the second dream.
Mission Impossible
The safe is in the office next to the restrooms, open it with: 254.
The paper crane is in the security room.
The spinning top can be found in the room next to the movie storage.
After the intro, interact with the “The Glass Key” poster to find the hidden hospital tag:

Patch Adams
Find the hospital tag

Read the first newspaper:

Enter the cinema, open the leftmost cupboard behind the counter and turn on the power. Read the second newspaper and the first postcard:

Answer the phone, examine the computer and read the first email (My PC). Proceed through the open door and interact several times with the ghost:

The Friendly Ghost
Chase the ghost

Go to the room at the end of the hallway and find the second postcard:

Rebuild the restaurant:

  1. Pick all four parts of torn posters and place them next to the fireplace.
  2. Read the “We Never Met Again” music book and play 579 at the piano.

Obtain the film reel at the end of the dream interlude and head back to the second room at the hallway. Read the third newspaper and the third postcard:

Place the reel in the film projector and take both the key and the diary. Go to the storage room at the opposite side of the lobby. Read the fourth newspaper and take the large cup and the popcorn bucket from the right shelf:

Enter the next dream, pick the cinema ticket and find some huge roses behind the central building:

Beauty and the Beast
Find the roses

Leave the dream and fill the bucket with popcorn and the cup with a soft drink. Find one mirror piece in each restroom and read the fourth postcard:

Repair the mirror and escape:

Take a seat at F14 and watch the short movie scene. Head back to the toilets and enter the office. Read the second email twice and open the safe behind the desk: 254. Find a matchbox in the upper cupboard and read the fifth postcard:

You’ve got mail!
Read all emails

Mission Impossible
Open the safe

Cinema Paradiso
Play with matches

Go back to the place with the piano and ignite the firewood. Enter the new dream and escape: 255-000-000. Reach the balloon at the end of the dream and take the key. Go through the “Exit” door and head upstairs. Read the fifth newspaper:

Pick up the tomato juice in the small lobby and enter the bar. Find:

  1. Lemon (counter)
  2. Tabasco (counter)
  3. Celery stick (counter)
  4. Worcestershire Sauce (on cupboard behind counter)
  5. Pepper (left shelf)

Fill all ingredients in the glass on the counter to mix a Virgin Bloody Mary. Enter the next dream and pick the key at its end. Go upstairs again and unlock Jim Wittmore’s office door. Interact with five black birds:

  1. To the left and right of the door.
  2. Inside the river painting.
  3. On the desk.
  4. In the bookshelf.

Read the last newspaper and find the paper crane:

Read all newspapers

Find the paper crane

Continue walking straight forward and complete the next dream interlude – avoid interacting with anything, just pick the “The Truth” sunglasses and leave the scene. Pick all five film reels in the destroyed projector room. Interact with the projector in the small auditorium. The correct order is: 4-2-5-3-1. Enter the last dream and solve the movie puzzle:

1880s: Roundhay Garden Scene
1902: A Trip to the Moon
1906: The Story of the Kelly Gang
1920s – right: The Circus
1920s – left: Sherlock Jr
1940s – right: Casablanca
1940s – left: Citizen Kane
1960s – right: Psycho
1960s – left: The Birds

Take the key and leave the dream. Open the door at the end of the destroyed projector room. Find the last postcard and the spinning top:

P.S. I love you
Find All Postcards

Find the spinning top

Use 8414 to open the movie storage room. Find Rosa and watch it.

High Rise
Rebuild the cinema

Win the game

Written by Hanni