The Callisto Protocol: How to Skip the Intro

The Callisto Protocol is a survival horror video game developed by Striking Distance Studios and published by Krafton. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows on November 2, 2022. if you want to in skip the annoying intro movies. here is a simple method below.

How to Skip the Intro (Step-by-step tutorial)

Method credit to Rinlayt

Step 1

▶ Follow:
Steam Games\steamapps\common\The Callisto Protocol\TheCallistoProtocol\Content\Movies

Note: if you can not find this folder, please make sure that the option of showing hidden files is enabled.

Step 2

▶ Rename these files:

Step 3

Done! Restart your game and enjoy it.


Frequent Questions and Answers

Is this method tested for working?

Yes, it works.

Is it a Cheat Method?

No, it is safe and The Callisto Protocol is a single-player game, you don’t need to worry to be banned in-game.

How Long to Beat the Game?

About 9-14 hours, Depending on the difficulty that you’re setting.

If you have any other problem about this tutorial on how to skip the intro, please leave a comment as below.

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