The Bunny Graveyard: 100% Achievement Guide (Chapter 1)

A guide to 100% The Bunny Graveyard


✧ Introduction


Welcome to The Bunny Graveyard 100% Completion guide! This is my first ever guide and obviously not related to the actual developers of the game in any way. If I miss anything, make a mistake or think things could be worded/formatted better please let me know! (This is still a WIP!!) If you’re like me and need more visuals for the Clues, please check out Viola’s video on youtube!:

✦ Unmissable Achievements

Hope Blossoms

Defeat Chapter 1
Pretty simple achievement, just finish chapter 1

✧ The Computer

Shutdown Failed

You tried shutting down the computer.
Press the exit button on the computer

✦ The Garden

Don’t say NO!

You said NO multiple times to Skye
When it prompts YES/NO to Skye, keep pressing No


Gardening Amateur

You failed at gardening, multiple times.
Purposely fail at the gardening minigame until Skye gives up on you



Get 15 points in 90 seconds or less.
Do so in the basketball minigame


A Buried Treasure

You found a note buried in the garden
Put in code Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right for the shed and grab the shovel. Before entering the well, make sure to dig up the dirt near the entrance. This will unlock Clue #0


#0 C’s Note 15
This is the “A buried treasure” achievement, so as long you have this achievement you will have this
#1 B-Ball
Next to the B-Ball minigame
#2 Hideout Code
Once you’ve completed all minigames, make sure to interact with the piece of paper afterwards
#3 Shell Case
Go to the entrance and this will be near the garden sign

✧ The Hideout

Messing with Boxers

You said NO multiple times to Boxers
Similar with Skye, just keep saying No until the achievement pops


How Original

You chose Boxers as your fighter name
Make your fighter name “Boxers”


Fighting the Boxers
Don’t worry if you don’t get these first time, you can replay them afterwards. For everyone except Stewart, just make sure you don’t get knocked out.

Get banked on!

Beat Handle Banks without getting knocked out
Can’t see this hand!

Beat Hand SIght without getting knocked out
The dead can’t talk…

Beat Finger Taker without getting knocked out
Easy Test

Beat Stewart without getting hit.


Mysterious Room

You opened the door to the mysterious room.
For this, get the key for the mysterious room on the right of the blinking light in the corridor on the other floor (it will not be obvious, just keep walking against the wall).


#4 The First Fighters Key
Look at “Mysterious Room” achievement
#5 The First Fighter
Go through the mysterious room and on the floor on the right
#6 Boxers Note
In Finger Taker’s room

✦ Fishing Trip

These are a bit more time/scene specific, so read this before playing the sections. I’ve put it in chronological order how you receive them hence why the numbers are everywhere.

#10 Shotgun Shells
When retrieving the Handy Pals, on the left of the woods
#9 C’s Note 16
When retrieving the Handy Pals, at the very bottom of the map in the grass
#7 Nelson’s Family Photo
In Nelson’s house
#8 The First Encounter
In Nelson’s house
#14 Ben’s Camera
In Nelson’s house, on the second floor
#12 Ben’s Note
In Nelson’s house, on the second floor
#13 Ben’s Photo
In Skye’s house on the kitchen counter
#11 Silver Ring
Unmissable, Ben will give you this


Can’t stop Fishing
Catch more than 30 fish
You do not need to catch 30 fish all at once, you can catch them over the course of the 2 separate mini games


Be honest/lie to Ben
You will need to play this section twice to get both achievements


You told the truth to Ben
Name’s Ben!

You lied to Ben

✧ The Labyrinth


#15 Spray Can
In the Labyrinth (Picture Below)
#16 C’s Note 14
In the Labyrinth (Picture below)
#17 C’s Note 13
Go left at the carrot statue (at the end of the Labyrinth)


Exploring the Labyrinth

You found all of the maps in the labyrinth
I have provided an image of what I believe are all locations


Smooth Landing

Get through the portal without getting hit


Clues Collected!

You found all the clues in Chapter 1
I have listed clues in each section


Unfamiliar Face

You found the secret credits scene.
If you’ve collected all the Clues and play the ending again, this will play after credits

Thanks to Smallfry for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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