The Binding of Isaac: Controller Guide 2021

Hi sinners! A quick and dirty guide to set up a controller for playing Binding of Isaac on steam – no external programs required!


Desktop Configuration
Hi Sinners! Were you too cheap like me and opted to get the original release of Binding of Isaac for 1$ on sale instead of the new release that supports controller input?

Well worry not, have your cake and eat it too!

After flagellating myself for a while, I was able to find a way to use my Xbox controller to play the game.

I could not make Isaac start as full screen so the desktop controller configuration kicked in every time. I could not get Joy2Key to work either.

The Solution: Make a new desktop configuration

Go to Steam > settings > controller > Desktop configuration

I was having issues with trying to make a new one so I just edited the “Disabled” configuration into what you see on the image. It works great. You can set the keys to whatever you want. You can also try doing this inĀ Big Picture Mode.

You can also make one these buttons “F” so you can make the game full screen if you’re playing on your TV through a steam link.

Note that Space/A is your confirmation button. ESC will bring up the pause menu, if you press esc again while youre in this, you’ll quit the game. Press Space to resume the game when you pause it.

You cannot shoot diagonally but you can move in every direction. The first level in every run will show you what the buttons do.

Last thing, for whatever reason I can’t use the controller to navigate the starting menu (settings, etc). So you’ll have to navigate these with your mouse.

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