The 7th Guest VR: All Coins Guide (Where to Find)

Guide to all 50 coins in the Mansion. With short descriptions of the coins in every room, and a video with timestamps. Video also contains solutions to all puzzles.


Foyer (4 Coins)

Flowerpot left
ashtray left
Cupboard left
Library Door

Upper Hallway (3 Coins)

Left cupboard behind dumbwaiter
Windowsill Statue

Dining Room (2 Coins)

Pot on Table
Scales near entrance

Temple (2 Coins)

Right of Swordchest
Hat Trick with Cabinet

Heine (2 Coins)

Behind drinking game
Cupboard upper shelf

Knox (2 Coins)

Behind trainstation

Dutton (2 Coins)

Left drawer below Safe

Library (2 Coins)

Right drawer of desk at entrance

Kitchen (2 Coins)

Shelf jars right of sink
Dumbwaiter (send up, click tile to right of dumbwaiter to unchain)

Burden (2 Coins)

Behind mirror

Game Room (3 Coins)

Queue Rack
Cupboard in corner, right of chessboard
Right side of bar, behind bottles

Nursery (2 Coins)

Next to Dollhouse
Behind Guillotine

Music Room (2 Coins)

On Harp Chair
In Violin Box

Cellar/Workshop (3 Coins)

Shelf above woodworking table
Rightmost wine rack

Storage Room (4 Coins)

Pig Troth Bucket
Spider Barrel
Jam Shelf near Toilet
Glorious Poop Coin

Bathroom (2 Coins)

Behind soap above bathtub
Toilet water Reservoir

Attic/Landing (6 Coins)

Seat near Knox figurine room entrance
Near stairs on way up to landing
Dutton figurine room, near bucket on shelf
Dutton figurine room, behind vase, left
Near Temple’s figurine
Behind grandfather clock

Stauf’s Bedroom (2 Coins)

Underneath book on left
On shelf on the right

Chapel (3 Coins)

On table near final door
On lamp table, right pew row
In front pew drawer


Youtube Video with timestamps

Twitch VOD

Thanks to darkshoxx for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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