Terraria: “The Great Slime Mitosis” Achievement Save World

This world will save you 3-5 hours while trying to collect all of the slimes.   “The Great Slime Mitosis” Achievement Save World 1) Download Hungry_Outland.wld here[drive.google.com] 2) Copy this file to C:\Users\user\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds where “user” is the name of your user on PC 3) Load this world with any Journey mode character and Change between … Read more

Terraria: “Feast of Midas” Achievement Guide

Obtain Golden Delight, the highest quality meal made from the highest quality ingredients.   Golden Delight Golden Delight is a consumable potion brewed in the brew pot, golden delight grants the Exquisite Filling perk, this effect lasts 48 minutes. Crafting Brewed in the brew pot  with gold critters such as the golden bunny  , golden squirrel  , golden … Read more

Terraria: How to Get All Town Slimes

Here is a guide on how to get all 8 town slimes for the achievement.   All Town Slimes Guide Elder Slime Found underground in the cavern layer, and more commonly in the dungeon, and is locked in a regular chest. You will need a golden key to unlock the chest. The chest moves around like … Read more

Terraria: All New Crossover Content 1.4.3

This guide will showcase all the new content for the new update that released today!   CHANGELOG I. New Content and Changes – Added Don’t Starve inspired seed – Play with Don’t Starve-inspired shaders and lighting – Complete darkness is now dangerous to your health. – Exposed torches and campfires may not be reliable, as … Read more

Terraria: How to Easily Get All of the Fishing Achievements (Farm the Angler)

Guide to how to Obtain all of the Fishing Achievements and Amazing Loot from the Angler   Basics and Requirements Hello and Welcome to my guide on how to Easily get all of the Fishing Achievements, “Servant-in-Training” ,”Good Little Slave” ,”Trout Monkey” ,”Fast and Fishious” and “Supreme Helper Minion!” super fast! You can also use … Read more

Terraria: How to Show an NPC Love

In this guide I will be telling you how to show love towards an NPC within Terraria, whether it be your fictional crush, someone you just really enjoy buying stuff from, or just wanna thank them for their existence within the world of Terraria!   Greet the NPC with a hello or an arrival I … Read more