Terraria: How to Easily Get All of the Fishing Achievements (Farm the Angler)

Guide to how to Obtain all of the Fishing Achievements and Amazing Loot from the Angler


Basics and Requirements

Hello and Welcome to my guide on how to Easily get all of the Fishing Achievements, “Servant-in-Training” ,”Good Little Slave” ,”Trout Monkey” ,”Fast and Fishious” and “Supreme Helper Minion!” super fast!

You can also use this method to “farm” all of Anglers items after completing a quest.

What you need :

You need a piggy bank, or a void bag for this operation. Having decent fishing tools to fish the Quest Fishes quickly and safely can also help. You should also build a house and a chest room in the Worlds Spawn point and house the angler there for easy access

After finding the Angler, housing him in the world spawn with some chests, a Piggy bank and some Fishing Tools :


  • Step 1 : Create many characters.

  • Step 2: Fish the Angler’s current Quest Fish as many times as you can.

    * When you have the Quest Fish in your inventory, you cannot fish it anymore. Unless, you put it in a storage like a Chest or a Piggy Bank. Putting it in a Piggy Bank is great so you can easily transfer all the Quest Fishes to the Chests in Angler’s house.

  • Step 3 : Store all of the Quest Fishes in Chests close to the Angler in World’s Spawn.

    * You can’t use shift + click to put all of the Quest Fish in your inventory, so you have to manually click and take all of them. But for storing them in chests, you can just put one in the chest and then click “Quick Stack” to easily store all of the Quest Fish.

  • Step 4: Join the world with your other characters, grab a Quest Fish and do the Quest.

  • Step 5 : Profit. Achievements, items, And Gold.
    * You can also have a Chest just to put the Loot inside, in order to easily give them to your Main Character

Thanks to Stamtish and ZANKAA985 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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