Tales of Neverland Codes (January 2024): New Updated!

Welcome to a magical realm filled with adventure and wonder in Tales of Neverland. This enchanting RPG game takes you on a journey through the whimsical world of Neverland, where you become the hero destined to bring light and hope back to the land. As you embark on this epic quest, you’ll encounter dark forces, make loyal companions, and rewrite the story of this fairy tale realm. But what’s even more exciting are the treasure troves of codes waiting to enhance your gaming experience.

We added a new code on Jan. 5, 2024

Tales of Neverland Gift Codes

Gift codes are your secret stash to unlock in-game rewards, items, and power-ups. These codes are your ticket to boosting your character’s strength, getting exclusive items, and speeding up your progress.

Working Gift Codes:

  • LUCKY777 (New!)
  • APPLE369
  • WISH888
  • HAPPY666
  • LULU520
  • TONFB520
  • PRE777
  • PRE888
  • PRE999
  • TON777
  • TON888
  • TON999
  • VIP777
  • VIP888
  • VIP999
  • SVIP777
  • SVIP888
  • SVIP999
  • TON1314

However, remember that these codes are case-sensitive. So, enter them exactly as provided to claim your rewards.

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Expired Gift Codes:

  • No codes here

If you find yourself entranced by the magical world of Tales of Neverland and want more adventures, you’re in luck. Several similar games offer fantastic gameplay and their own sets of gift codes. Here are some to consider: Digital Genesis Final Chapter CodesMU Dragon Havoc Codes, and Epic Pirate Adventure Codes.


How to Redeem Gift Codes

Now that you’ve got these valuable gift codes, it’s time to cash in and reap the rewards. Follow these steps to redeem your codes in Tales of Neverland:

1. Start by accessing the game’s settings. You can usually find this in the game’s main menu.

2. Look for the “Activation code” option or something similar. It’s typically found in the settings menu.

3. Now, enter the gift code exactly as provided. Remember, it’s case-sensitive, so be precise.

Voila! You’ve successfully redeemed your gift code, and the rewards are yours to use in your adventure through Neverland.



With these codes in your arsenal and your newfound knowledge of how to redeem them, you’re well-prepared to set forth on a thrilling adventure in Tales of Neverland. Unlock the magic, face the challenges, and let your legend be written in the story of Neverland. Good luck, brave hero!

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