Tales of Beasteria: Tier List (Leveling & Units)

Information about leveling and units. May contain some slight spoilers.


Tales of Beasteria is a SRPG Studio game so stats aren’t fixed, they’re based on percentage growths, and I didn’t decompile the game to see them or anything, so it’s possible I missed something, and equally possible that your characters end up with different stats than listed here.

Leveling Up & Bonus Experience
Throughout the game, you will receive bonus points from completing stages or from killing enemies, which you can allocate to your units as additional experience.

Do NOT use bonus XP to level up a character directly!!

Much as in Falnarion Tactics II, actually gaining a level from bonus experience will ignore their growths and cause them to only gain three points in more or less random stats, while almost all characters in Tales of Beasteria have much better growths, often gaining in almost every stat and/or multiple points in a stat. Only raise characters up to 95 or so XP, so their next attack in a combat will cause them to gain a level. (96 at level 9)

However, there is another trick you can use here, which also works in Falnarion Tactics II – Utility Hammers can be used in the base menu, and cause you to gain 5 XP, and count as “real” levelling, not bonus XP levelling. So, if you have items left to repair, you should give the item to someone who you want to level up, set their XP to 95 or higher with bonus XP, and then have them use a Utility Hammer.

Changing Classes
It works like Falnarion Tactics II, where you should do it as soon as possible. The difference is that, since the maximum level in this game is 10, class changes become available at level 5.

Usagi’s promotion is quite dubious, but going from a mediocre beast weapon user to a bad mage with big Skill/Speed stats and movement is… not awful?

Tier List
In spreadsheet form below. Make sure you open it up in its own window, it’s rather wide.

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