Tales From The Under-Realm Hazel Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Tales Of The Under-Realm: Hazel is a dark themed yuri visual novel that takes place in the fantasy world of Aravorn (already seen in games like Loren The Amazon Princess). Here is a full walkthrough with an achievements guide for the game.


Start a New Game.

  • Romance
  • Friendly

Spooned To Death Unlock Sasha guard assassination CG
  • He probably deserved it.
  • Obey
  • Romance (x4)
  • Please, let her go!
  • It was nice
  • Romance

Sweet Dreams Unlock Sasha sweet dreams CG
  • Oh, really? Tell me more about those dreams!
  • I’m not judging you
  • I understand now
  • Romance
  • Yes
  • Romance (x2)
  • Please I beg you!
  • Romance
  • A lie. Because she still didn’t trust Sasha completely.
  • Friendly

    Save 1

  • Trust Tori
  • I need to get out, then I’ll come back for you
  • As you wish. You’re the boss here.
  • Romance (x2)
  • Yes, she did it to protect them

    Save 2

  • Tori told me everything about you!
  • Romance

I Am Sorry Unlock Tori sorry CG
  • Romance

Hazel Death Unlock one of Hazel’s death scenes

The Monastery Unlock Tori monastery romance CG

Monastery Happy Ending Unlock Tori happy ending variant CG

⠀    ⠀     Load Save 2

  • I’m just starting to lose hope, that’s all.
  • Romance (x2)

The Waterfall Unlock Tori lake romance CG

Sasha’s Death Unlock Sasha’s death scene

Happy Ending Unlock Tori happy ending CG

⠀    ⠀     Load Save 1

  • Trust Sasha
  • Romance
  • Oh, hello gentlemen. It’s nice of you to pay us a visit.

Sexy Cages Unlock the sexy cage scene
  • Romance
  • I will tell you in exchange for something (lie)
  • Romance

    Save 3

  • That place scares me!
  • Romance

The Trip Unlock Sasha trip romance CG

Monastery Happy Ending Unlock Sasha happy ending variant CG

⠀    ⠀     Load Save 3

  • I am tired of staying indoors!
  • Romance

The Stables Unlock Sasha stables romance CG

Tori’s Death Unlock Tori’s death scene

Happy Ending Unlock Sasha happy ending CG

⠀    ⠀     Load Save 1

  • Trust No One

Nice Sunset Unlock Dark alone ending
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