Tale of Immortal: Dungeon Event Guide (How to Find Faint Cultivator)

When you explore the dungeon, you’ll sometimes find the faint cultivator.
You can save, kill, or leave them… but maybe, you hesitate to save cultivators because of ambush?
here is a walkthrough about this event in 鬼谷八荒 Tale of Immortal.

Note: This guide was based on V0.8.5014.265.


* Point of the event at dungeon

Sometimes you can find dead-end in dungeon.
This point is high-priority of this event, but not enough.
This event is based on ‘Escort hurt cultivator’, so it must have 3 or more distance at last room.
Of course, you can find another event (treasure chest, herb field) at this point, but be patient.

* How to distinguish the ambush

A real injured cultivator has < 50% HP. So basically you can distinguish them to compare their HP.
But… If you’re strong enough, you can breakthrough them, and take an advantage.

* Fainted cultivator

* Real injured cultivator
You can find them to see their HP under 50%. you can save them to give your potion, and your mana.
Saved cultivator will follow and help you end of this dungeon.
After save them, You’ll gain the affinity, and little gift of the cultivator.

If you’re lucky, when you enter the city(random probability), you can encounter the cultivator. They greet you, and give another gift and affinity for you.

If you’re more lucky… after this event, when you fight the boss of dungeon, the cultivator suddenly appear and help the boss fight.

* Cultivator’s ambush – evil cultivator

You can attacked by the cultivator you were trying to save.

* Condition – Cultivator’s HP > 50%

You must fight them after check their condition, even you choose ‘leave’.
If you successfully win or run, go to the next progress.

If you’re in the middle of combat at boss of dungeon with less than 50% HP, ‘The cultivator appears and try to kill you.

If you’re strong enough to subdue them, They retreat once more.
Don’t worry even they’re strong. You don’t need to subdue the cultivator.
In that case, when you kill the boss of the dungeon, you’ll automatically subdue the cultivator.

Now it’s time to find them. Find him/her at map, approach this point.
Choose every person in this point, and you will find the cultivator trying to run from you.
(they move another map point. Find once, or twice more)

If you’re successfully cornered them, they beg for your mercy.

They give all of their items, and increase affinity about you(not hatred… strange lol).

* Cultivator’s ambush – misunderstood

This ambush is little different another ambush.

* Condition 1 – Cultivator’s HP > 50%
Condition 2 – Cultivator’s sex is opposite of you.

You must fight them after check their condition, even you choose ‘leave’.
If you’re successfully win or run this battle, and it’s time to find him/her.

Find him/her at map point and choose every person at point, the cultivator responses you.

If you choose Wait!, you’ll have a chance to excuse.

If you don’t want to fight, you can said ‘I was wronged indeed!’.

The cultivator asks you 3 times about crime(theft, harassment, murder), and you can claim your innocence.

If you replied right answer, the cultivator confuses and apologizes you and leave.
But this is not an end of event. Mark him/her and visit them next month.

The cultivator really apologizes you, but they’re poor, so they can’t afford to repay you.

So they decide to se… I mean, dual cultivation.
This training ignores the cultivator’s spouse and external traits: Faithful.

* Elder tries to wake up

This is more rare event.

* Condition 1 – The cultivator has sect
* Condition 2 – The cultivator is an elder or more higher position

It’s less priority than other 2 ambush events. So, remember you can ambushed by elder/grand elder/sect leader.

If you successfully saved them, they just greet you and leave this place(affinity increase)

after this event, You can encounter them randomly draft the map(No use to find and talk them. It’s just random event)

They’re with their disciple, and want you to tutor their disciple. If you claim your reward, they’ll call you their sect and reward for you their manual.

Thanks to Vamp for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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