TAISHO x ALICE episode 3: Snow white’s Route

DUALICE(TAISHO x ALICE episode III) is a fairytale visual novel in which YOU must save your Prince Charming!  Here is a guide for Snow White’s route.


Good ending
Route begins after prologue
A- Yes
A- Ask him for his name
B- Yes, quite easily
B- No, No, No *
A- Tell him you like to read, too
A- Yes
B- No
B- self-deprecating
B- Snow White
A- Yes
Create Save File 1
B – Children’s Books
Create Save File 2
B- Because I am not an only child
Create Save File 3
B – A dream

*= You can alternatively choose option A-Heck Yeah! here

Bad endings
Bad ending 1:
Load save file 1
A- a literary book
A- because my parents never existed

Bad ending 2:
Load save file 1
C- How to book

Bad ending 3:
Load save file 2
A – Because my parents never existed
(Unlocks Wizard CG)

Bad ending 4:
Load save file 3
A – a mirror

Bad ending 5:
Load save file 3

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