Sword Chronicles AWAKEN Codes (December 2023): New Updated!

Venture forth, valiant warriors! The realm of Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN beckons, where valor and destiny intertwine. Prepare to wield your Divine Weapon, form unbreakable bonds, and forge your path as a legendary hero. As you embark on this epic odyssey, remember that every hero needs a helping hand, and that’s where the gift codes come in!

All codes work in the latest version 1.0.6


Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN Gift Codes

Gift codes are the ethereal blessings that grant you a treasure trove of goodies. They’re like the magical keys to unlocking a world of riches. Among these keys are the active gift codes, brimming with vitality and ready to grant you magnificent rewards. However, even in the realm of legends, time takes its toll, and some codes may fade into the mists of history, becoming expired and obsolete. Remember, while gift codes are not case-sensitive, every capitalization matters!

We add a new code on Dec 25, 2023

Working Gift Codes:

  • Swordmas (New!)
  • Haunted Treat (New!)
  • Appreciation (No Expiration Date & Each Game Character Can Only Redeem Once)
  • Free Rewards – Guan’s Joy (Valid until 2.29.2024)
  • Free Rewards – Zhao’s Gift
  • Free Rewards – Da Qiao’s Joy (Valid until 2.29.2024)
  • Free Rewards – Zhuge’s Gift (Valid until 2.29.2024)
  • Free Rewards – Da Qiao’s Gift (Valid until 2.29.2024)

Expired Gift Codes:

  • Phenomenal
  • Pull Reward
  • Upgrade Supplies
  • Progression Supplies
  • Server Rewards

But what lies beyond the horizon of Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN? Fear not, intrepid seekers, for the journey continues! Seek out similar games with their own unique gift codes to aid your ascent: Last Awakened Ninja CodesAwakened Dragon Warrior CodesSword Chronicles AWAKEN Codes, and Leaf Whirlwind Awaken Codes.


How to Redeem Gift Codes

Embracing the might of the gift codes is an art mastered by a few. Fret not, for the path is clear! Follow these steps and claim your rewards:

Step 1: Click the official link to redeem your codes: https://r.qoolandgames.com/6486bdb3cf04f40bb37211ef/index

Step 2: Enter your name in ‘Character name

Step 3: Enter the codes above one by one in ‘Gift Code

Step 4: Click the ‘Redeem‘ button to claim your rewards.


How do you Keep up with the Latest Codes and Updates?

As legends intertwine and the realms of warriors flourish, it’s essential to be attuned to the rhythm of gift codes. In your pursuit of codes, take to the realms of social media, where the game’s creators often release codes on platforms like Facebook, Discord, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. These channels can become your treasure maps, leading you to bountiful riches.

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