Swelter: 100% Achievement Guide

Swelter full Achievement Walkthrough – 100% Completion.
Swelter is the newest Half-Life 2 (Episode 2) Mod made by the creators of Snowdrop Escape, compared to its predecessor, Swelter’s achievements are easier to achieve and can (almost) be completed within one playthrough. This is a guide on how to achieve them, except the basic campaign story achievements. Spoiler Alert!!!


Campaign achievements

These are the achievements that can be completed by simply progressing through the campaign, I’ll not go into the details about these achievements.
These achievements are listed below:

Ending achievements

These are the achievements that can be obtained in the end, there’s no pre-requisite for both endings, to get both achievement, simply save before making the final choice.

Bonus Achievements

This is the Achievement that is rewarded to player who have completed the bonus map, just progress through the map and it should be automatically earned.

Achievement – KEEP OFF THE TRACKS!

This is the first and fastest achievement you can get outside campaign achievements. After jumping off the train and waking up, simply move forward as usual. You’ll spot a slow moving train heading your way. Lay down in front of it, and you’ll get what you deserved.

Achievement – Kind nomad

This achievement is obtainable at the Canal section (pht_a08_river_a)
After the encounter with a lady cooking and her sick boyfriend on a boat, progress as usual and head towards the other beached boat with a tent on top on the other side of the canal.
To access on top of the boat, look back the way you comes from and you can see a box under the dam.
Use it to board the boat, visit the tent, remember to accept his gift of kindness.

Achievement – Radarman

The boxes required for Radarman are scattered between two maps (a09 and a10), I’ll go into detail with pictures of each boxes’ locations. There are a total of 10 boxes.

Box #1

Located in the small warehouse upper floor, right after you obtain the car and before you leave the factory compound.

Box #2

Located not far after leaving the compound, impossible to miss. It’s settled on the balcony of the 2nd floor of shown building in the corner.

Box #3

Located after your car has been blocked by the carriage shown in the picture, turn left and go into the shack, it is placed in the corner, impossible to miss.

Box #4

Located under the truck by the side of the road, go around and crouch to get the box, or simply destroy it to stop the transmission, impossible to miss.

Box #5

Located on the 2nd floor of the building on your way to progress, park the car below to use it as a platform.
Recommendation: First activate the Diesel pump to get rid of the antlions, then go for the box.

Box #6

Located under the bridge on the way of progression – The left side is passage, the right side is blocked by higher rocks, and the box is on the right side. Basically Impossible to miss.

Box #7

Located at the place where you’ll need electrolyte to progress, impossible to miss. It is located in a small locker inside a warehouse. Require some parkour skills to get in, but destroying it from the outside also counts toward completion.

It is also possible to skip going back for the electrolyte. Park the car beneath the electrolyte storage factory’s window, jump in and open the door from the inside, you can skip the code and going back section of the mission.

Box #8

Located on the way of progression on a electric poll, shoot the wooden support to lower the box. Impossible to miss, but might be hard to get (not.)

Box #9

Located in the abandoned headcrab-canistered village beside the way of progression, impossible to miss, but to silence the transmitter you must manually pick it up, or it would not count towards the achievement as it is not technically on a destroy-able box.

Box #10

Located at the truck conveys away from the railway after you have parked your Jeep (parking location marked with red square), it is marked with an Anarchy symbol instead of Lambda symbol, somewhat possible to miss due to that.

Secret Achievement – Tea

This achievement is located on the map where you first meet the Anarchist map pht_a10_qishloq_a . To get the achievement, follow basic guest manners and enjoy the tea on the table in front of the local resistance leader that have been prepared for you.
Have some fruits as well.

Achievement – Echoes from the past

This achievement requires you to find the AK with GP-25 Grenade launcher in map 15 (Combine Nexus) (map pht_a15_nexus_a)
The AK is inside the locker behind a stair not far into the map, where your teammate reminds you to sneak.
The key is on the desk where you open the door, almost impossible to miss as it is highlighted.
After sudden encounter of a single stray CMB Soldier, you can unlock the safe.

Secret Achievement – I haven’t forgot

This achievement is theoretically the hardest to get, as it requires you to traverse back into an area that’s away from the updated progression pass.
In Combine Nexus (map pht_a15_nexus_a), you’ll encounter a room where there are three Auto Machinegun turrets (Two on both sides of the door, one on the right side wall) that need to be grenaded. This is the room where the hidden armory is. After solving the puzzle and keep progressing, launch the dark energy sphere out of the powercord (The energyball that you need to magnet push in an office), return to this room again and look to the back wall, where the entrance should be on your right-hand side, you’ll notice the wall has opened. Loot the room and you’ll get the achievement.

Thanks to zhizao32 for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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