Sunless Sea: 100% Achievement Guide

List of achievements and instructions that show how to unlock those achievements.


Before You Start

Open Your Ears
Download new stories

  • Download new stories from the Main Menu. Button to download new stories at the bottom right.

A Past Wreathed in Shadows
Complete the game without ever choosing a past

  • You need to complete an ambition without choosing a past. This means you can only finish the game with a secret ambition. Only “Uttermost East” and “A Private Kingdom” ambitions will work for this achievement.

I am the Captain of my Soul
Complete the game without saving manually

  • Obviously you need to finish an ambition without saving. You can back up your save files, if you want it though.

Sunless Sea Achievements

One Year at Zee
Spend one year out at zee in an unbroken lineage

  • Game starts at November 30th of 1887; so at November 30th of 1888, you will get this achievement. When your captain dies, a month will pass till your next captain.

Five Years at Zee
Spend five years out at zee in an unbroken lineage

  • You will get this achievement at November 30th of 1892.

Ten Years at Zee
Spend ten years out at zee in an unbroken lineage

  • You will get this achievement at November 30th of 1897. Probably, you wouldn’t want to play for ten years in game. Because, that’s a huge time period. If you do not want to grind via dying, you can change your save files.
  • Your save files are under “Users > [YourUserName] > Appdata > LocalLow > Failbetter Games > Sunless Sea” by default. You can open them with Wordpad or any simple program (you cannot search in regular Notepad).
  • Open the find box (ctrl+f) and type “GameDate”. There should be one result named “InGameDate”, change it to a date after November 30th of 1897. This will give you other date related achievements.

Sink Beneath the Waves
Die for the first time

  • Don’t worry, you do not have to work hard for this.

Sink Beneath the Waves. Again.
Die 5 times in an unbroken lineage

  • Continue dying with the same lineage.

Never Stop Sinking…
Die 10 times in an unbroken lineage

  • It is self-explanatory.

Take the Correspondent legacy

  • After the death of your captain, you can choose a legacy for your captain; two, if you have a scion, choose the Correspondent legacy and start.

Take the Pupil legacy

  • Choose the Pupil legacy and start after your captain dies.

Take the Salvager legacy

  • Choose the Salvager legacy and start after your captain dies.

Take the Shipmate legacy

  • Choose the Shipmate legacy and start after your captain dies.

Take the Rival legacy

  • Choose the Rival legacy and start after your captain dies.

Come Closer

  • You need to reach 75 at terror for this achievement. Then, there will be a random event (An Old Friend) which includes Lady in Lilac. Accept her to the ship.

Thou, All-Shaking Thunder
Let your terror reach 90

  • It is really easy to gain terror, just wait at the zee without lights if you want to achieve this quickly. However, you can achieve this one easily while you are doing a regular run.

Lose your Mind
Let your terror reach 100

  • Same as the above achievement but be careful about it. After reaching terror level 100, there will be a riot at your ship and it requires high levels of skills to survive it.

Sound Mind?
Create an ironclad will

  • Since it gives you a chance to leave heirlooms and your house to your predecessor, you will want have a will. You can do this by buying a house, then paying 100 echoes.

Sweet Sorrow
Woo a sweetheart in London

  • You need a lover in London for this achievement. You can get it by “Carouse in Wolfstack Docks” event (It requires “Something Awaits You”), which has a random chance to give you “Trouble, and romance” event in London. You need to remember her/his name for this achievement.
  • After that, while you are at the zee, a random event will occur which will give you a chance to throw the locket; don’t throw it and achievement will unlock.

Zee Fever
Send your child to zee

  • First, you need a lover to have a child. After meeting your lover for second time (with “Something Awaits You”), you will have another event (An Unexpected Letter) while you are at the zee. If you have the Salt’s Curse, this will occur differently and you will have to try again.
  • After returning to London, go to “Your Lodgings” and choose “Time with your Family” (there will be a different action first) action (with “Something Awaits You”). All of the actions have the same terror reduction value as “Just enjoy their company” action and others increase “Memoirs: Zee Fever” condition.
  • You need to reach 25 in this condition.
  • “Memory of Distant Shores”, “Zee-ztory”, “Vision of the Surface” increase the condition by 5 and they are the best actions.
  • “Live Specimen” and “Outlandish Artefact” increase the condition by 7.
  • “Judgements’ Egg” increases the condition by 15.
  • After reaching 25, your child will say that he wants go to zee, permit it to achieve this achievement.

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
Acquire the Eschatologue-class Dreadnaught

  • You need to buy the most expensive ship which is 30,000 echoes, in London for this achievement.

The Fall of the House

  • You need to see the end of Hunter’s Keep story for this achievement. Chat with the Sisters to progress, needed chatting can change because of the randomness.

The Ascent of Man

  • You need to go to the surface for this achievement. You can go there via Cumean Canal with 22 Fuel and 2 Supplies.


  • You need to find the Dawn Machine which is at south-west corner of the map for this achievement.


Rules the Waves
Achieve Admiralty’s Favour 10

  • This one is pretty easy. You can earn this achievement in a normal run, if you do not use your favours for nothing. Giving unique (when new port’s report brought for the first time) port reports (with the Zubmarine expansion, there are 50 places you can get a port report), “Strategic Information, “Moves in the Great Game”, “Vital Intelligence” increase the favour rating. By the way, you need to get this achievement before giving supremacy to another faction.

Old Unhappy Far-Off Things
Achieve Antiquarian 10

  • Similar to the other achievement, you need to bring some items to Alarming Scholar. However, contrary to previous achievement, items won’t increase the ratio by one and you need to unlock this achievement, before you give 7 “Searing Enigma”s to the scholar.
  • You can sell “Zee-Story”, “Memory of Distant Shores”, “Strange Catch”, “Lamentable Relic”, “Ambiguous Eolith”, “Judgements’ Egg”, “Unread Log”, “Outlandish Artefact”, “Captivating Treasure”, “Live Specimen”, “Brimstone Buzzings”, “Watchful Curio”, “Colossal Fluke-Core”, “A Lump of Blue Scintillack”, “Ray-Drenched Cinder”, “Wakeful Idol”, “Element of Dawn”, “Intriguing Snippet” and “Extraordinary Implication” items to the scholar.
  • For some items, the only buyer is the scholar and he/she pays well for the items. “Zee-Story” and “Memory of Distant Shores” items are good for early increase, because they are easy to farm. “Intriguing Snippet” and “Extraordinary Implication” items don’t have much use; so, you can give them too. You can trade the other items, if you have no other use for them or you need echoes urgently too. If you earn her/his trust, he/she will give you something small from time to time.


Best way to obtain curses is going to Frostfound with less than 20 terror:

  • Then choose the “Enter Frostfound” option.
  • After that, you need to reach “Dark Room”.
  • Lastly, choose “Fumble in the Darkness”. This action will give you, one of the curses.

Salt’s Curse
Suffer Salt’s Curse

  • You can achieve it by not recruiting “Raggedy Fellow” in a “Something Awaits You” event or shooting succesfully the white bat (random event) at the zee. Getting it from Codex while gathering “Strategic Information”, “The Man who Stole the Sun” by not punishing the crew who opened the box and plundering the Nocturne are random. Easiest and most practical method is going to Frostfound though.

Stone’s Curse
Suffer Stone’s Curse

  • You can only get this by Frostfound method.

Storm’s Curse
Suffer Storm’s Curse

  • Again, best way to obtain this is Frostfound. However, you can get this by giving heart of “Mt. Nomad” to Fathomking in “Your Father’s Bones” questline (this one is a certain event) or at Chelonate part (random result in random part) of the “The Last Tour” questline.

Zubmariner Achievements

Frightful, sheer, no-man-fathomed
Venture beneath the waves

  • After upgrading your ship to zubmarine, press “T” to go underwater.

The Bell Tolls
Discover Low Barnet

  • You need to find Low Barnet while you are under the zee.

Knife, Cup and Bone
Discover Wrack

  • You need to find Wrack while you are under the zee.

Under the zee
Discover Undercrow

  • You need to find Undercrow while you are under the zee.

The dragon in the zee
Discover Nook

  • You need to find Nook while you are under the zee.

The beauty of the deep
Discover Dahut

  • You need to find Dahut while you are under the zee.

Those are pearls that were his eyes
Discover Anthe

  • You need to find Anthe while you are under the zee.

His bones in whispers
Discover Scrimshander

  • You need to find Scrimshander while you are under the zee.

No regrets
Discover Aigul

  • You need to find Aigul while you are under the zee.

Rosewater sailor
Discover Rosegate

  • You need to find Rosegate while you are under the zee.

Thanks for all the fish
Discover The Gant Pole

  • You need to find Gant Pole while you are under the zee.

Discover Hideaway

  • You need to find Hideaway while you are under the zee.

You can check the game map for possible spawn points. All of the places spawn in somewhere at their marked area which is indicated below.

Roaring Rise

  • You need to find a location named “Eye” in the zee. It has a random chance to be in your map, when you start a new game. Normally, it spawns in the green tiles zone. The tile of the “Eye” will be empty at the map and there will be only a small rock near it. Check below for images.

The rock near the “Eye”


A buoyant escape
Escape underwater combat by resurfacing

  • While you are in combat, go to the surface (You are not invulnerable while your ship resurfaces, you can take damage in the process.).

A current under zee
Use underwater currents to bear you on your way

  • There are some currents (they spawn randomly) which make you faster or slower according to your direction, go to one of them to get the achievement.

Depth charge
Use an oasis to increase your oxygen levels

  • Oasis spawns randomly at underwater. Check the image below for the visual of an oasis.

Death By Water
Die of suffocation

  • Self-explanatory. Wait until you suffocate.

Consider Phlebas
Be killed by an underwater creature

  • Self-explanatory. While you are in combat against an underwater creature, wait it to finish you off. Constant Companion doesn’t count, though.

What lies beneath
Come face to face with the Constant Companion

  • Constant Companion spawns when you have more than 75 terror. It appears randomly after that.

Be killed by the Constant Companion

  • Self-explanatory. After it spawns, wait it to finish you off. It shouldn’t take long, since it hits 40 with the melee.

Under pressure
Avoid being killed by the Unexploded Unclear Bomb

  • “Unexploded Unclear Bomb” is a random spawn at underzee. It spawns mostly at South side of the map (It was said that it has a spawn point at the south of London; although it is still random). After finding one, you need to go through it to activate the event. There will be a luck check with 50-50 chance. After that, achievement should unlock. Below, there is a visual of the huge bomb:

A Drownie devotee
Collect all of Drownie Love-song, Drownie Counterpoint and Drownie Hymn

  • You need to gather 3 Drownie songs in Dahut to unlock this achievement. You will need a “Recent News” to access to city. Checks are a bit high level but songs can be gathered even if you fail some of the skill checks. Only check you need to success is the last one. You can use, “Unread Log” (randomly increases “Clarity” by 5 and lowers “Enthralment” by 5 or increases “Enthralment” by 5 and lowers “Clarity” by 5), “White Mollyflower” (It makes value of “Enthralment” value 0) to balance your “Clarity” and “Enthralment”. These values will reset every time you leave the city.
  • For “Drownie Love-Song”, you need to attend Spring Rites (You need to have an attend rating between 4 and 9, “Clarity” 3 or below.). After that, you need to choose “Linger” option and success. Higher “Enthralment” value will be likely to succeed.
  • To get “Drownie Counterpoint”, you need to attend to “Midsummer Festival” (You need to have an attend rating between 4 and 9, “Enthralment” 15 or above.) and after that, you need to be successful in “Linger” roll (easy “Clarity” roll).
  • To gain “Drownie Hymn”, you need to attend “Liturgy of Souls” (You need to have an attend rating between 4 and 9, “Enthralment” 3 or below.) and after that, you need to be successful in “Keep awake! Awake!” roll (“Clarity” roll).
  • Thanks to wiki for details.

A zee-change
Accept a power of the deep zee

  • You need to dive into an abyss and perform a rite.

The Lady’s Parlour
Perform an abyssal ritual to encounter Lady Black

  • You need to dive into abysses in correct order (not the first dive, second one is important) for rituals. Places and names of the abysses are random. If you accept the lady’s offer at the end, you will die.  Correct order was given below:
  • Abyss of Scriptures
  • Abyss of Pyres
  • Abyss of Pomegranates
  • Abyss of Graves

Romans 6:9
Complete the Zubmariner ambition

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