Sun Haven: Best Choices for Race and Profession

Obvious choices and pairings for races/perks and professions. 7 options of Races, and 10 options of Professions, although some are more clear as choices.   The Obvious 4 Pairings Are Likely; (Race) – (Perk) – Profession) Human – Crafting – Tool Master Demon – Speed – Explorer Elemental – Restore Mana – Spellcaster Naga (Mermaid) … Read more

Sun Haven: Romance Guide (Friendship Stages, Keepsakes, and Gifts)

An overview of all romance candidates. Covers friendship stages, keepsakes, and gifts.   Introduction Overview Sun Haven features a diverse cast of characters each with unique personalities and interests. The purpose of the guide is to provide accurate and up to date information regarding marriage, gifting, and keepsakes. Referenced Game Version V0.50 Guide Version Version … Read more