Suhoshin: 100% Achievements Guide

Simple steps to getting 100% achievements. Spoiler Alert!!!


100% achievements guide

  • You will end up getting all of the achievements except for one, by simply playing through the story. The paths are all linear.
  • If needed, you can use the ctrl key to speed up through text you’ve already read. This is useful when getting the last achievement.
  • I would highly advise you to NOT skip on getting the very last achievements if you played through the entire game but didn’t get it.

Notes on getting the last achievement

  • The last achievement is the game’s true ending.
  • Finding out how to get the last achievement is quite frustrating, and thus I’m offering this guide.
  • Per the developer’s request, you are hereby encouraged and recommended to try finding out on your own how to get this achievement.
  • From a strictly personal perspective, I’d like to point out that the steps taken don’t really make a whole lot of sense to me, and again, it can be quite frustrating to figure out. Whether or not you try getting it on your own is entirely up to you.
  • PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE USING THE GUIDE BELOW – the developers were kind enough to leave us with a few hints on getting the last achievement. It can be found in a pinned forum post within the game’s Steam community (or right here. You are more than encouraged to try finding out how to get this achievement on your own, using the developer’s hints (I’ll repost them here, in case the pinned post is removed)):

Read the spoilered text below if you wish to know exactly how to unlock the last achievement. Please read through all the text above, per the developer’s request, just in case, before deciding to follow through with this guide:

  • First off, you must unlock all previous achievements, and that includes unlocking the ‘normal ending’ (you can see a text that says ‘normal ending’ next to this ending, and you know that you found it once you unlock an achievement called ‘Goodbye Yandong’.
  • After reading through the ‘normal ending’, reload your game from the prologue (you must use the same save file on which you unlocked the ‘normal ending’, and not a new game).
  • Use the flowchart to jump to day 3, and use the ctrl button to skip through text quickly. When promoted to make decisions, make the following decisions: “All right”, stay, “As am I”, “I couldn’t ler her stay alone”, “I should make my own decision”, Visit the baksu, “Never”.
  • Speed through the rest of day 5, and then go all the way to the ‘normal ending’ in the flowchart.
  • Speed through the text, until the game forces you to read. You won’t miss anything by speeding through, as the game will stop you when you’ve reached new text.

That’s all there is to it.

I’d like to point out two more things – one to the players, and one to the devs:
To the players – in case this guide does NOT work, please notify me and I will look into why that happened. This is simply the steps that I did and that worked for me, but I’m not entirely sure how the flagging in this game work.

To the devs – in case you want this guide removed despite the many measures I took to avoid spoilers, feel free to contact me. I will remove it as soon as I can, in case I was asked to do so by you.

Thanks to Fruits for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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