Succubus Affection Tips for Beginners

Just a guide to help people who’ve never played before.
Install the Uncensor Patch
There is a guide on how to do this here:  +18 Uncensored Patch [ENGLISH – OFICIAL SITE]

Written by Haru Fenix, who also made a nice guide on the basic mechanics of the game.

The patch is created by Kagura Games to remove censorship. They do this for pretty much all their games to ensure they can be seen by more people on Steam, because R-18 games are hidden by default for Steam users. I have no idea what the game looks like without the patch, but why would you even buy this game if you’re not going to censor it? Come on, now.

How to Play

This is explained to you by Irys in the tutorial, but the goal of this game is to “befriend” all the monster girls. This is done by fighting them, having sex with them to form a bond, and then forming a pact. Monster girls you’ve formed a bond with will not attack you.

To defeat a monster girl, all you need to do is reduce their HP bar to empty, or fill their Lust bar to full. Once you’ve done this, they will be totally defenseless.

Afterward, you must have sex with them to pacify them completely. To do this, just press up or down… and watch. While you’re in the act, the heart shown by their HP and Lust in the top right of the screen will fill up. Once it’s full, they’re completely pacified and you can stop having sex.

Finally, to form a bond, you must hold up until the heart above their head is full.


Forming pacts with as many monster girls as possible is important for making yourself stronger. You gain stats every time this is done, and forming pacts with enough of one species of monster girl will give you access to a new skill.

  • Skills can be leveled up using skill points at Leannya’s shop, which are earned from forming bonds with monster girls. Each time you level up your bond with one, you get one skill point. This means you can gain 3 skill points from a monster girl each day.
  • You can also eat food to grow stronger at Leannya’s shop. Foods increase your stats permanently or temporarily, depending on the food. This, coupled with the stats you gain from pacts, is extremely important for strengthening yourself.
  • Crops regrow every time you sleep when the sleep meter has reached 100. This also refreshes monster girls so you can level up their bonds and get more skill points. You can only gain a maximum of 3 bond levels with a girl each day. It’s important to sleep when you feel like it.
  • You can quickly travel between safe areas by holding up.
  • Changing the difficulty has no unique rewards, but it is challenging and fun to try against bosses.
  • It takes more experience to level up a bond with a monster girl at every level, up to a maximum of 60xp, which is a lot of waiting. Sex skill with a monster girl species levels up slower each time you start sex with them after having already leveled it up and stopped sex, so it may be beneficial to have sex for a long time the first time, to make it easier to level your bonds up later on. It can be noted that it’s possible to use speed hack function in CheatEngine to speed up the process, but this is up to you.
  • I would strongly recommend changing your default key bindings in the options. The default key for the menu is “C” and you can move between tabs with the left and right keys. You can also view a manual of all the controls here. Be careful when changing key bindings, because some keys are bound to specific program functions, such as the “V” key being bound to screenshots. As far as I’m aware, these specific key bindings can’t be changed normally.
  • There are lots of secrets to be found that reward you with rare materials and items. It’s important to find these early on, if possible. I might make a guide on how to find all the secrets another time, but I’m too lazy to do it now.
Panties (Unique Interactions)

Leannya, Shannon, Irys, Selma, and Lisa can give you their panties.

  • Shannon and Selma
    Masturbating and/or or having sex with a monster girl in front of either of them a few days in a row will eventually (usually after a few days in a row) start a unique cutscene with them. From that point on, you can have sex with them whenever you like. Once you increase their bonds to 15, they will give you their panties, which are unique equipment with somewhat useful stats if you choose to play… a ♥♥♥ build, I guess.
  • Irys
    Similarly to Shannon and Selma, masturbating and/or having sex with a monster girl in front of her leads to a scene, but to get her panties… Spoiler: Defeat Irys a second time and she’ll give you her panties.
  • Leannya
    Simply have sex with her until her bond reaches 15, then talk to her.
  • Lisa
    Defeat her a second time.

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