Strike Force Heroes: How to Farm XP and Money Efficently

Best current setup for progression/grinding obscene amounts of XP and Money!



Since the game is still in it’s first day of public access, there aren’t many available strategies for grinding/progressing through the game efficiently outside of any methods you might come up with yourself. However through some testing I’ve come up with a very efficient strategy for farming. I found the following strategy when playing online through another player (I wish I had saved their name for credit), and made sure to test and experiment with different strategies to find the optimal setup.


This setup will result in about 5k-7k money/gold per game, and will provide roughly 1-1.5 levels of experience per round as well. Each game should only take around two minutes or so.


This strategy can only be effectively used in multiplayer due to the way xp is gained. When in single player, you will only receive xp for the kills you gain yourself. But in multiplayer, xp from kills is shared across all players on the team. This strategy uses this feature and works in streamlining it as efficiently as possible.

To start, open a public multiplayer lobby. Even if you don’t have any friends to hop on with you just name the lobby “Xp and money farm” and people will join. I had no problem compiling and keeping a 12 player lobby full for the few hours I farmed on launch day.

Set the game to Team Deathmatch with the win condition at 100 Kills, which will allow you to rack up the most possible earnings per game. Additionally, set the number of enemy bots (or red team bots) to 9 and the friendly bots to 0. With a full lobby of players, you will shred through the AI in about two minutes or so. You can use friendly bots when playing by yourself but each match will take much longer.

For the settings, you want to make sure all modifiers are disabled. To ensure this, find which ones are listed until they all disappear from the list. Some of these are applied automatically, which you will want to disable. For some of them, change the status of the modifier until it turns gray at (100%). If you’ve done this correctly the XP multiplier should be at 75% in the menu.

You’ll also want to set bot difficulty to level 20. I’ve experimented briefly with all different levels and found level 20 to be the most effective. Anything below provides too little xp, and anything higher quickly becomes obscenely difficult and makes the farm inefficient.

Also the map doesn’t really matter but if you truly want the quickest matches possible the Missile map is the best choice because of how small it is.

You should be good to go with these settings! I leveled my medic to almost max and the game has barely been out for a day.

Thanks to justsoup for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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