Stardew Valley: The Pirate’s Wife Quest Guide

This is a quick guide to The Pirate’s Wife quest available in the new 1.5 update.
I’ll try to avoid spoilers as much as possible so i apologize the lack of details and information in the whole content.
However if you have any questions or notice any mistakes, please leave a comment and i will try to help you or fix it <3

WARNING: Endgame 1.5 Content, Might have minor spoilers ahead!

How to do it
You gain acess to this quest after exploring and unlocking the West Coast of Ginger Island (using Golden Walnuts) Then you will trigger a cutscene after speaking to this mysterious woman at the beach.

She will give you a certain Item named War Memento

•You deliver War Memento to Kent
He will give you Gourmet Tomato Salt

•You deliver Gourmet Tomato Salt to Gus
He will give you Stardew Valley Rose

•You deliver Stardew Valley Rose to Sandy (in the desert)
She will give you Advanced TV Remote

•You deliver Advanced TV Remote to George
He will give you Artic Shard

•You deliver Artic Shard to Wizard
He will give you Wiggling Worm

•You deliver Wiggling Worm to Willy
He will give you Pirate’s Locket

•And finally you deliver the Pirate’s Locket to the mysterious woman on the beach, and its done!
After completing the quest you’ll get the following rewards: Fairy Dust recipe and 5 Golden Walnuts

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