Stardeus: All Game Seeds List

Stardeus is a deep colony sim set on a broken starship manned by drones and hibernating human survivors. here is a list of all seeds in the game, which will let you have an interesting game.

Note: This list will be updated as we found more seeds, and if you find seeds not listed, please leave a comment and let me know.


All Game Seeds List

Updated Oct 18, 2022

1411605351 – 4 sections, 9 rooms, 6 of them with the humans and stasis chambers are close together. The ship computer is relatively centrally placed. 3981 steel plates.

336934600 – 4978 steel plates, 16 rooms distributed on only 2 sections, 1 thruster survived, 1 energy rifle, as the screenshot below.

884955005 – this looks a hard one, with only 1798 steel plate at start.

1512898265 – This seed has the human survivors in the same big room as the stasis array (but with some damaged floor panels and only one working heater, so you better start repairing quick), and a bunch of small fragments around that you can cannibalize for stuff to support the single section with all the humans in it.

Credit to Enofix and Roadie


About Stardeus

Stardeus is a building game inspired by Factorio and Rimworld, it is now in Early Access via Steam. here is the list of the new features in the game:

  • Save your crew.
  • Rebuild your ship.
  • Automate and organize production.
  • Research technologies.
  • Explore the universe.
  • Live your space odyssey.

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  1. Ok your seeds it wrong 336934600 habe dont 3900+ this seed have alltime on the 2050+ the 1411605351 seed have 2700+ pls look too the updates her site.


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