STAR WARS Jedi Survivor: How to Fix LowLevelFatalError for D3d12RHI

This is a fix that worked for me specifically on this error: lowlevelfatalerror [file:unknown] [line: 686] hr failed at d:/depot/r8branches/r8release/engine/source/runtime/d3d12rhi/private (More details on how this works on the guide.)   Description/Disclaimer This is a fix for a very specific error that usually crashes the game during cutscene transitions or when loading in new areas, the … Read more

STAR WARS Jedi Survivor: Droid-Artists Easter Egg

A short guide on how to find an Easter Egg on the planet Koboh.   Location of the Entrance The Easter Egg is located in a hidden room on the planet Koboh. To find the entrance to this room, navigate to the position shown in the following screenshots: This is a cave that’s guarded by … Read more

STAR WARS Jedi Survivor: How to Skip Intro

Here is a short guide on how to disable the intro movie in STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor™.   How to Skip Intro Go to the game Movies folder that is located at \Jedi Survivor\SwGame\Content\Movies If you have difficulties reaching here, it will depend where you bought the game. Rename Default_Startup.mp4 into _Default_Startup.mp4 Default_Startup_Loop.mp4 into _Default_Startup_Loop.mp4 … Read more

STAR WARS Jedi Survivor: 100% Exploration Guide

Every databank entry, chest, force echo/perk, flora/fauna and more. All (mostly) in order of when you start the game to the end.   Before Notes- Does not include: – Certain story based interactions – Auto entries that happen with the story – Shortcuts ( these count towards exploration ) ( Shortcuts include; elevators/lifts, grapple lines, … Read more