Spring X Elixir: Beginners Guide (Everything You Should to Know)

I gonna show you how to beat the game in easily way it possible.


Some basics

I know the game on first time can be tought without good explain. I suffered too when I taking damage from attacks that I try’d dogde or doing zero damage to oponents. So I prepare some information that helps you playing and completing the game. Enjoy.

When you start any level on your right will stand enemy who gonna shoot bullets every few seconds. You can avoid taking damage clicking and holding Right Mouse. Now draw a line which gonna stop incoming bullets.

REMEMBER: Some types of attacks you cannot stops. Some attacks require holding RM to destroy it.

Bottom part of screen

Game require clicking spacebar in rhythm of music, but you can just spamming anyway. I recommend buying upgrade which will do it automatically for you.

When you hitting spacebar your count increase and your blue bar will fill a little faster, the greater the number on the bar is. You can make extra hits to opponent when having appropriate upgrade.


On your screen will flying elements that you need to collect to do damage. At the same time you can have 3 elements. When you collect 4 or more you gonna replace previous one. This same you can done clicking R.

REMEMBER: Everything depends on RNG what element will show on screen.


Red color: You can track your HP.
Blue color: When blue bar reach yellow sign, you gonna make attack depending on what elements you have.
Green color: Depends how fast you can attack. When action bar is not ready, even when your blue bar reach yellow sign, you will not attack, until green bar doesn’t load.

Endless mode

Before you start playing story mode I recommend plays endless mode first. It’s easy and beating all waves rewards you this amount of points:

Endless mode // waves and upgrades


1 – 5 enemies
2 – 2 enemies and mini boss
3 – 8 enemies
4 – 1 enemy and boss from level 4-4
5 – 5 enemies
6 – 1 enemy and mini boss
7 – 9 enemies
8 – 3 enemies and final boss

Every defeated enemy drops some statistic upgrade that helps you long run.

After each wave you can choose from 3 upgrades on the screen one. In my opinion this upgrades are great to my combo.


The best combo to beat the game

From all of the combinations in game I seperate two that you want use to beat the game.

1. Fire + Fire + Water

This combo will give you a decent amount of damage and letting you heals every time you hit enemy. When having upgrades this combo should be more effective.

You will want use this combo on every type of enemy in the game except for one boss.

2. Fire + Fire + Earth

Level 4-4 will require changing one element in combo. This helps you beat the boss easily, you need just avoid bullets from enemy.


Getting all of the achievements in game you need just beat every levels in story mode and seen every H-scene. That’s it all.

Thanks to AranTIX for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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