Spirit Hunters Infinite Horde: Magic Mine Build

A work in progress build showcasing the Magic Mine ability.



Vivian – for Soul Magnet 5% per level
Other characters can be used but not optimally for this build


Unlock “Magic Mine” in the WNW section of the map.
Located in between “Ability – Tornado” and “XP Increased 10%”.
Unlock the 3 CDR nodes.
Unlock the Magic Mines +1 node (makes the build a bit easier when things get crazy).
Optional?: This build was designed after Unlocking 25% of Loot Magnet nodes.

Starting Synergy

Magic Mine!

Other 3 Abilities

Orbital Fire – Orbital DPS
Cleave – Frontal melee cleave
Bone Shot – Vertical melee

These three abilities are taken because they only do damage up close in melee.
This way we don’t have to move far to collect almost all souls.


Magic Mine comes standard with 2 mines or upgradable to 3 mines from the Oracle map.

A Magic Mine will be laid behind you when moving based on current cool down.

2 or 3 mines can be placed on top of each other by tapping left and right or up and down.

With appropriate AOE and CDR we acquire a zone of continuous mines that are bigger than your hero, blowing up all enemies and preventing them from damaging you.

Almost all souls are collected due to Soul Magnet giving us the luxury of eventually not having to move outside our mine zone.

Before we get to this point things can get dicey and you will have to move around to the crates or chests to recover health if your dodging skills aren’t great like mine!

If you happen to see a Pet Chest early-on, go for it and getting Hearty will solve our health recovery problem.

Once we get to a solid AOE and CDR we don’t have to worry about health.

Leveling Ability Selections

1st Priority:

Magic Mine:

AOE > CDR (until negative) CDR goes negative at Rank 7 for me and auto-casts any missing mines when a movement occurs. I don’t think additional points in CDR at a negative value would be worth it. Rank 7 AOE shields us from damage as it creates mine zones that our hero can fit in. AOE is #1!

2nd Priority:

Magic Mine:

DMG > DOT DMG (When things go boom we want it hitting hard.)

3rd Priority:

The other 3 abilities don’t have a priority over one another but try to keep them balanced and use the order of importance listed below when they become available.

Orbital Fire: SPD > DMG > DOT Speed
Do not select Attack Size. We want things dying as close to the hero as possible.

Bone Shot: CDR > DMG > Crit Chance
Do not select Increased Range. We want things dying as close to the hero as possible.

Cleave: CDR > DMG > Crit Chance
Do not select Attack Size. We want things dying as close to the hero as possible.

Here is an example clear on the 1st stage. I have cleared 2nd and 3rd so far but they are of course a bit harder to ramp up into that comfort zone. On this run I happened to find a merchant and had enough gold to spend on another pet while I was farming health in the early stages. I got lucky being able to find Hearty but other pets are optional and not needed once we don’t have to move anywhere. Bosses will drop enough hearts to top us off.

Final Thoughts

I will update if I find any interesting new abilities further on in the Oracle map.

Update: Magic Mine CDR at rank 7 goes negative for me. At this point, if I let all Magic Mines explode and I tap to move, it auto-casts all 3 mines, same if there is 1 remaining it will auto-cast to 3. Therefore once the AOE is big enough only a single movement is needed to cast all mines, no more continuous back and forth.

Thanks to suffixnine for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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