SpellForce Conquest of Eo: Alchemy Potions List

A List of All(That I found) Alchemy Potions you can create.

E = 3 Elemental Pips
D = 3 Death Pips
L = 3 Life Pips
A = 3 Arcane Pips

Example: (E-E-A) would be a combined 6 Elemental Pips and 3 Arcane Pips or 2 Levels of Elemental and 1 Level of Arcane.

L and D do not Mix and will Overwrite one another.



x3 Ashes = 1x Flintstone – (Ingredient: (E-E)

(E) = 2x Dwarven Ignition – (Deal 18 Elemental Damage – 4 Tile Range – Can apply Burning)

(E-E) = 2x Potion of Firebreathing – (Deal 28 Elemental Damage – Affects 3 Tiles in a LINE directly in front of user – Can apply Burning)

(E-E-E) = 1x Earth Armor Elixir – (+50% Physical Resistance)

(E-E-D) = 1x Glacial Concotion – (Applies ROOTED to Enemies for 2 Turns in 1 Tile Radius around Target Tile)

(E-E-L) = 1x Dwarven Forgebrew – (100% Elemental Resist)

(E-E-A) = 1x Illusionary Distraction – (Removes Guard Stance around Target)

(E-E-D-A) = 1x Guarding Totem – (All Allied Units in a 1 Tile Radius gain GUARD STANCE: 20% Damage Reduction and 360 Zone of Control)

(E-E-L-A) = 1x Omni Vial – (-100% All Resist: 5 Tile range)

(E-E-E-A) = 1x Potion of Death-Control – (Take Control of Enemy UNDEAD Unit Until End of Battle(Target MUST be UNDEAD)

(E-E-E-D) = 1x Sealed Fire Golem – (Summon Fire Golem)

(E-E-E-L) = 1x AllFire Essence – (Apply Revive From Ashes to 1 Friendly Unit: Unit Will Revive 1 Turn after Dying)


x3 Remains = 1x Bonedust – (Ingredient: (D-D)

(D) = 2x Berserk Shrooms – (Heal 15hp in 1 tile radius – -2 Armor / +6 Melee Damage)

(D-D) = 2x Poison Coating – (Applies Death Element Poison)

(D-D-D) = 1x Leeching Elixir – (Applies Leeching: Heal 100% of Melee Damage Dealt)

(D-D-A) = 1x Toxic Distillate – (Deal 20 Death Damage in 1 Tile Radius around Tile(Has Friendly Fire)

(D-D-E) = 1x Mindnumbing Elixir – (Immune to Psychology: 1 Tile range)

(D-D-E-A) = 1x Potion of Fear – (Apply Fear to Enemy Units in 1 Tile Radius around Tile: +100% Willpower Loss from All Sources)

(D-D-D-A) = 1x Scroll of Death Mark – (EXECUTES a unit below 30% Health)

(D-D-D-E) = 1x Plague Vessel – (Deal 21 Death Damage to Enemy Units in 1 Tile Radius around Tile – Applies Death Poison)


(L) = 2x Ration – (Heal 15hp)

(L-L) = 2x Draught of the Giant – (Increase Health by 100%)

(L-L-L) = 1x Revitalizing Nectar – (100% Heal – Removes all Negative Status Effects(Mortal Only)

(L-L-A) = 1x Dancers Potion – (Applies Nimble: Won’t Trigger Attacks of Opportunity)

(L-L-E) = 1x Potion of Regeneration – (30hp Heal at Start of Your Turn)

(L-L-E-A) = 1x Concentrated Mana Crystals – (Ingredient: A-A-A-A-A – +20 Mana Consumable?)

(L-L-L-A) = 1x Scroll of Revivification – (Revive 1 Allied Unit: 5 Range)

(L-L-L-E) = 1x Scroll of Restoration – (Restores Full Health and Focus to 1 Allied Unit / Unit Revives at End of Battle if its Army Won)


(A) = 2x Finon Beer – (+5 Willpower)

(A-A) = 2x Focus Potion – (Restores 4 Focus)

(A-A-A) = 1x Tar Bomb – (Remove 1 Action Point from Enemies in 1 Tile Radius around Tile)

(A-A-D) = 1x Elixir of Subjugation – (Applies Enslaved to Target Enemy(Only Affects Broken/Routed Units): Take Permanent Control of Unit after Battle)

(A-A-E) = 1x Storm in a Bottle – (Deal 33 White Damage to 5 Random Enemy Units in a 2 Tile Radius around a Tile)

(A-A-L) = 1x Tincture of Muting – (Applies Silenced in 1 Tile radius around Target Enemy)

(A-A-E-L) = 1x Happy Pill – (Refills Action Points: 1 Tile range)

(A-A-E-D) = 1x Hardened Rock – (Stun Enemy Unit for 1 Turn)

(A-A-A-D) = 1x Sealed Ice Golem – (Summon Ice Golem)

(A-A-A-E) = 1x Love Potion – (Take Control of Enemy Unit Until End of Battle(Target MUST be at least DISORDERED)

(A-A-A-L) = 1x Arcane Concoction – (Allied Unit Skills Cost No Focus)


(D-A) = 2x Smoke Bomb – (Teleport to Target Position: 4 Tile range)

(E-A) = 2x Sealed Elemental – (Summon LESSER Fire Golems – 3 Tile range)

(E-D) = 2x Dark Feast – (Summon Ghouls from Corpse)

(E-L) = 2x Eagle Spirit – (+3 Missile Range and No Range Penalty)

(L-A) = 2x Sacred Water – (Deal 28 White Damage in 1 Tile Radius around Target Tile(Only Affects Undead and Fantastic Units)

(E-D-A) = 1x Philosophers Stone – (Ingredient: Adds two points to every Essence you already have a point invested)

(E-L-A) = 1x Acid – (-50% Armor: 5 Tile Range)

Equipment – Permanent Trinkets for Heroes/Apprentices

(D-D-A-A) = 1x Smoke Bomb Belt – (TRINKET-EQUIPMENT: UNLIMITED uses of Smoke Bomb: Teleport up to 4 Tiles Away)

(E-E-A-A) = 1x Bag of Fire – (TRINKET-EQUIPMENT: UNLIMITED uses of Dwarven Ignition: 18 Damage to 1 Enemy Unit)

(E-E-D-D) = 1x Bag of Harvest Juice – (TRINKET-EQUIPMENT: Grants Gathering Boost(More Resources when Gathering) / Forest Guide / Gatherer(Unit can Gather))

(E-E-L-L) = 1x Pocket Bottle of Eagle Spirit – (TRINKET-EQUIPMENT: UNLIMITED uses of Eagle Spirit: +3 Missile Range and No Range Penalty to Friendly Unit)

(L-L-A-A) = 1x Keg of Finon Beer – (TRINKET-EQUIPMENT: UNLIMITED uses of Finon Beer: +5 Willpower to Friendly Unit)

(I)nvalid Recipes

(A-A-A-L-L) = No Valid Recipe

(A-A-E-L-L) = No Valid Recipe

(E-E-L-A-A) = No Valid Recipe

(E-E-L-L-A-A) = No Valid Recipe

Thanks to SureYouCan for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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