Space Trash Scavenger: Beginners Guide (WIP)

Welcome Scavenger, to your new post. Here you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to become the best trash digger you can be.


The Beginning

To start things off, do the tutorial don’t be a hotshot. It’ll give you the basics of how to survive. This guide will help you be the most efficient with your resources to get you on the ground running. I intend to add and change things as the game progress and updates.

Disclaimer, I frequently restart. You can say I have commit issue with sticking with a particular save. I’ll get a good idea but not want to put in the effort to refit my base so I end up starting fresh. As a result I have the early game almost down to a science.

Here we go:

You’ll start out with 3 plug 3 block and 6 solar, If you did the tutorial you should have a basic sent up with some fuel and food.

!!! Important = Save early iron, iron is gold here, I’ve gone through thousands of it.
!!! save at least 30 carbon this will come up later
!!! Warning seed 4485 which is current the default seed when you click on new run has a surprising lack of copper nearby prioritize items the contain it. Along with carbon alum. and iron you can ignore silver and silicon for now

Don’t worry about expanding your base, you’ll have plenty of time and resources for this later.

Hydrogen at this point is only good for fuel so use it up and stock up jetpack fuel charges.

Carbon is important for food early game but it also important not to use it all for food. I recommend that you have at least 10 algae in your inventory at anytime and save any other carbon for later.

5 algae can get you to almost full at 50 percent.

Tutorial likely already have you done it if so skip this part, but if you haven’t take a look around and find the 3 “!” around you.

one of which with be on a small brown asteroid with two lights on polls on it, that’ll be your first target

While traveling grab some of the loose debris around you and use your scanner to find material you want to prioritize, don’t bother with anything out of the way, cuz at this point it’ll just be a waste of fuel. Your grapple gun can get things a little over 100m away, so anything within that distance can be grab in a fly by and Ignore destructible debris for now

You can also use debris to sling shot your way around but if your anything like me your garbage at pull it off right and end up waste fuel.

There you’ll find a blueprint for a trash vac. one of your most important friends you’ll have on your journey I keep him on my number 2 hotkey where number 1 is my grapple gun but you do you.

Next up find the ! on the only other asteroid, there you’ll find an alien asking for 5x steel, in return he’ll give you a schematic for a furnace.

At this point ignore the last one and head back to base.

focus on getting the materials for the trash vac first if you don’t already have enough 25x iron and 10x alum. is quiet a bit early on

Best to collect things close to base, we’ll expand our reach a little later.

Now you’ll have a far easier time gather all the loose debris around and can start to break up some of the destructible stuff

Beware best be quick on the draw for bulkheads and hull fragments if you want to get everything from them as when they break they shoot pieces around I always lose at least one piece and they can fly faster than you away so it’s pointless to chase after them.

once you collect any debris nearby head back to base and start to expand your base and create and add your new furnace and a plug to place it on, this will take 10 copper which as earlier warning said on seed 4485 there’s not enough for both plug and furnace as long as you were careful won’t be an issue.

Your 6 starting solar panel won’t be enough to power everything now so creating one or two new panel and adding them each of which is 2 silicon and 1 alum. per panel. Shouldn’t be an issue after all nearby debris is gathered.

At this point hopefully you have 60+ iron, and 30+ carbon, throw that into your new furnace this’ll cook up 30 steel, 5 of which go to steel guy. the other 25 will go to your new gun the revolver best gun in game. and your new best friend.

After you give steel guy his 5 steel he’ll give you mining drone, another good friend make

Your New Friend – Mining drone guide

Your trusty mining drone, works pretty simply. Head to an asteroid, put him down and watch him work.

He’ll go from node to node on the asteroid until there aren’t any more, where he’ll head back to you and hop back into your inventory, unless your full where he’ll just buzz around you till you have room.

(sometimes he’ll be stubborn and not get in, so you can just vac. him up and be on your way.)

Notice while he mines, he doesn’t collect so for now that’s your job.

The Beginning cont.

So by this point you may have noticed I haven’t mentioned anything about the other asteroid with all the delicious nodes on them, well now it time for them to shine

With your new mining buddy, head for the nearest ice asteroid, and sent him loose follow him around and help him mine out the area.

once finish you’ll likely be in a need for fuel, so head back and process the ice and turn all the hydrogen into fuel, don’t worry about saving any. there will always be more in other sectors.

I tend to keep at least 10 fuel charges on me with a fuel tank before I head out. You might not have enough to get that many.

now refueled and ready to go, I’d head to any other ice asteroid and mine them out

Ice > carbon > silicon > everything else

At this point you have 3 choices which you can do in any order.

1. mine out other asteroid of their resource
2. go to derelict,
3. go after the nano factory

Your First Derelict

Dungeons guide is still a WIP

This part will cover all dungeons in game and what you’ll find within not just the first one.

The first dungeon, in the starting area is a large ruined ship, this is a dungeon. Fly out to the back of it you’ll find an opening, with an alien and an !

Talk with him and he’ll give you a lazer rifle, 5 ammo charges and a keycard. He’ll task you to clean out the place and return to him with a specific item. Don’t worry if you don’t find any as he will reappear in other sectors periodically

The lazer rifle is far worse the your revolver so you can scrap it for cubites later. Once you first enter you’ll likely encounter entity blast them away and move on, keep an eye out for chests and these things on the walls

Pull out your drill and blast the purple bits, they’ll disappear and once all of them are gone you’ll find a piece of scrap

!!! Commit these panels to memory they reappear all over if you look for them even on asteroid decorations and on the outside of some derelicts etc.

Your first Nano Factory & Entities your biggest fan(s)

Attacking the Nano Factory is actually pretty easy, you can just fly over and focus it down. You might want to quickly switch to vac to get all the scrap the pops out of it too and then deal with whatever it spawned.

When a nano factory is destory among the scrap and parts you receive you’ll also find a glowing red sphere called a entity nano-fragment

This item can then be place into your atomizer which give you an entity base cubite

This then can be used at your fabricator to make jump drive fuel which you can use or store for later.

!!! don’t worry about not having a jump drive, its best to clean the area and then work toward that.


Still testing but it seem you can farm an endless number of entities by stand nearby the nano-factory, great way to farm scrap (iron) and cores which net a mix of resources.

Also going to test move rig armed with turrets near a nano factory along with tractor beams to see if I can automate a loot farm.

Entities – Your Biggest Fan(s)

All entities have their eyes as a weak spot

squid entity – will fire bolts (core gives silicon, hydrogen and alum.)
Most common entity you’ll encounter

jelly entity – will fire up to two lasers from its left or right side (core gives Si, H)

Tadpole entity – first a single laser (core gives Si, H)

Warden entity – second largest entity fire death beam (core gives Si, H)

Hunter entity – often target base core can focus player uses lasers

Moral of the story the entities love their lasers.

The Beginning of the End?

Thanks to Blue_Phoenix for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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