Soulstone Survivors: Winterfall Holiday Event Guide (Bumble’s Lair, Seasonal Skills and Hidden Achievements)

Guide on how to find Bumble’s Lair and get the 3 hidden achievements and Seasonal skills Spoilers ahead, if you want to figure it out yourself   Intro What is up guys it’s the Christmaswalker, I mean Chaoswalker, here today with another Steam Guide on how to do the Christmas Holiday Event 2022 Holiday Event: 22 Dec – … Read more

Soulstone Survivors: Sub 8 & Sub 10 Minutes Achievements Guide

A basic guide to complete the sub 8 and sub 10 minutes achievements.   Intro Hey survivors, this is a very simple and generic guide on how to complete a match in less than 8:00 minutes. I wouldn’t rush this super early game but you don’t necessarily need to have maxed the Skill Tree either. … Read more

Soulstone Survivors: Speedrun Achievements Guide (7 Minute Runs)

For anyone trying to achieve the last couple speedrun achievements   Intro I want to start by mentioning that this entire build comes from Brokenz Plays on YouTube, check out his video here to see it in action: I had done sub 8 minutes (barely) using necromancer before this, but my first run using this … Read more

Soulstone Survivors: Ability Guide (Active/Passive)

Just a guide to help you learn the different active/passive abilities to help create a build you enjoy.   Current version: 0.9.027f Steam guides don’t support large tables so I’ve provided a link at the bottom to a shared Google document that includes: Matrix of ability categories List of all active abilities List of all … Read more