Soulstone Survivors: Winterfall Holiday Event Guide (Bumble’s Lair, Seasonal Skills and Hidden Achievements)

Guide on how to find Bumble’s Lair and get the 3 hidden achievements and Seasonal skills
Spoilers ahead, if you want to figure it out yourself



What is up guys it’s the Christmaswalker, I mean Chaoswalker, here today with another Steam Guide on how to do the Christmas Holiday Event 2022

Holiday Event: 22 Dec – 05 Jan
Guaranteed to find Bumble’s Lair for a limited time to unlock secret achievements! Lair will be harder to find after the event

Map: The Frozen Wastelands

Enter The Frozen Wastelands (Map 4, Snow map, Winter map, etc) at any Curse Intensity (or if you want to do this once, Intensity 34+, see What about the other 2?)

To unlock this map, defeat 4 Bosses from the previous map, 3 from the previous previous map, 2 from the previous previous previous…

The 5 Winter Sigils

There will be 5 fairly large Winter Sigils laid across the Winter map in a pentagonal / star shape

They are colored the same as the 5 Soulstones dropped from each wave of bosses

The order in which you need to activate the sigils is the same as the Soulstone dropped by the bosses

Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, ignore the Minor Soulstones

Red Sigil

At the start of the game, walk directly to the bottom right side of the map to meet the Red Winter Sigil

Kill a boss from the first wave (400 kills) on the Red sigil, the boss must die inside the sigil, which would drop the red Soulstone and light up the sigil

Once activated, which you can tell by the sigil’s color, you can ignore that sigil for the rest of the run

Blue Sigil

After activating the Red sigil, move directly to the center left of the map to meet up with the Blue sigil

As before, kill a boss from the second wave (850 kills) on the Blue sigil, the boss must die inside the sigil, which would drop the blue Soulstone and light up that sigil


Yellow, Green, Purple Sigils

You should be able to tell what’s going on now, kill each wave of boss on that sigil, in the order Red -> Blue -> Yellow -> Green -> Purple

Their positions on the map are bottom right -> center left -> top right -> bottom center -> top center, making a star shape!

As long as you have all 5 sigils lit up, you should see the Christmas Portal at the end of the run

If you didn’t manage to get any lit up after that wave, well it’s never too late time to restart your run

Christmas Portal

When you’ve activated all 5 sigils, do not go into any of the 3 center portals

Instead, walk bottom right below the Red sigil and into the green Christmas Portal

Bumble, the Abominable

Once you go through the portal, you will find the Secret Boss, Bumble the Abominable! Defeat him to get the secret skill and achievement

Be careful, he gets tougher the higher the Curse Intensity

What about the other 2?

There are 2 other secret skills and achievements, in which you would need to do the same thing but with Curse Intensitys 25+ and 34+ respectively

Any Curses work as long as you hit the threshold

Good luck! He gets a little difficult at 34

My Build

Lastly, here’s my build to beat it, ye olde Disoriented (Crit Mastery OP)

Yes, I play on Very low graphics

Thanks to Santa Carms (is Carming to town) for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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