Soul of the Ninja Codes (July 2024): New Launch!

Unlock special rewards and enhance your gameplay in Soul of the Ninja with these exclusive redeem codes. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned ninja, these codes will help you collect powerful generals and strengthen your team. Keep reading to find out how to redeem your codes and make the most of your ninja adventure!


Soul of the Ninja Gift Codes

Here are the codes you can use to get valuable rewards in Soul of the Ninja:

  • NB111
  • NB123
  • NB666
  • NB777
  • NB999

Use these codes to boost your power and progress in the game. Remember, these codes are case-sensitive, so enter them exactly as shown.


How to Redeem Codes

Follow these steps to redeem codes and claim your rewards in Soul of the Ninja:

  1. Avatar: Tap on your Avatar icon to access your profile settings.
  2. Settings: Look for the Settings option within the menu.
  3. Pack Exchange: Navigate to the Pack Exchange section.
  4. Enter Code: Enter the code you want to redeem carefully. Remember, codes are case-sensitive.
  5. Confirm: Confirm the code to receive your rewards directly in-game.

Enjoy your bonuses and enhance your ninja experience with these exclusive rewards!


How to Get the Newest Gift Codes for Soul of the Ninja

Stay updated with the latest gift codes for Soul of the Ninja by following these steps:

  1. Official Discord: Join the official Discord server of Soul of the Ninja. You’ll get instant updates on exclusive content, events, and announcements, including new gift codes.
  2. Facebook: Follow Soul of the Ninja’s Facebook page for community updates and announcements. Gift codes are often shared here as well.

By staying connected through these channels, you’ll never miss out on the latest gift codes and exclusive rewards in Soul of the Ninja!

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