Song of Farca Prologue Walkthrough (All Achievement Guide)

walkthrough of the game’s story and the achievements that unlock alongside it.
estimated playtime: ~30-40 mins


Game Mechanics

The game has 3 main mechanics:

– visiting a location

  • cameras make an area visible.
  • documents ,tablets or phones contain clues.
  • Router enables more cameras.
  • alarms, switches or other options can be used to distract guards away to unlock something.

– calling someone

  • Normal dialog options don’t really matter.
  • whenever a pink option appears you can object it with either a physical clue
    or with a conclusion, this is a combination of 2 word clues.

– analyzing clues

  • Whenever you click on yellow text it will get added to your clue info.
  • when you go to the clue menu and click on one, a yellow circle can appear clicking it will analyze


In each location just get all clues.

  • Start the story
Pet Detective A-a-alrighty then
  • Visit cliffside
  • analyze the footage (choose the following):
    1. mechanical dog
    2. angry guy,
    3. plate with 2 yellow triangles
Zoom! Enhance! Who knew you could actually do it?
  • Call maurice
    Choose track the van license plate at the end
  • Visit Farcan Hounds
  • Call carl
  • Call simon

    1. dog thief
    2. dog tracker
Objection! You can handle the truth
  • Daughter calls you
  • Visit DNT
  • Call Carl
  • Analyze chip
    choose chip without red dot and with 1 port on edge
Sorted Maybe it’s a possible new career?
  • investigate henning and D
  • Visit managers office
  • investigate shatze
Finished Internet And they said it was impossible.
  • Call alexa

    1. dog thief
    2. conclusion -> frequency hack (other option doesn’t matter)
    3. conlusion -> coerced (other option doesn’t matter)
  • Daughter calls you
  • Visit Basement
Animality You’ve seen some ♥♥♥♥.
  • Call alexa

    1. dog pit picture
    2. chip
    3. conlusion -> D is pleased with alexa’s work + D is only using the chassis
  • Visit storage
  • Call simon

    1. thief
    2. conlusion -> errand boy + talking sh*t to boss
    3. conlusion -> ill + 61 years old
    4. conlusion -> pick the 2 mystery meeting options
  • Visit Warehouse
  • Call Carl
Batteries Included Assembled the full package.
Knighted If you save a knight, you become a knight.

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