Solenars Edge II Aurora of The Seventh Dawn: Secret Bosses List

Click this guide to find out where to locate and slay the secret bosses.


Secret Bosses List

In this guide, I will be showing you where to find the Secret Bosses.
It’s very important to hunt them for rare items, unlockables, exp and kacha.
Defeating them will also make the main story fights, a more pleasant experience.

-Ancient Wisdom.
At the start of playing as Thedo, go up the stair case past the first fight and
to the left of the NPC Armie. Interact with a sparkling Totem.

Interact with the Palm tree on the Alcornagia map as Aionis in the first area.

-Behemoth, Undead Shamin,
The bosses in the BFC: Operation Undead mini-game.

When you first arrive in Deminasta, he is in the bushes outside of
Nelditus Academy.

He can be found while using the airship to explore Alcornagia.

He can be found while using the airship to explore Alcornagia.

-Luminarus Feather.
He can be found while using the airship to explore Alcornagia.

-Xethera, Astrea, Fuubeh. (The Nightmare Crew)
You can fight then immediately upon accepting the Restoration quest.

Get to the end of the level in the Restoration quest.

-Fallen Alnestia.
You can fight her in the Swamp of Regret.

-Angry Planet.
You can fight him in the Haunted hut, but you need the airship first to get there.

-Cloud Ray.
He can be found while using the airship to explore Alcornagia.

You can fight him at the Portside in Chendun.

After gaining access to the ship, go down and to the left and you can fight her.

You can find him in the Tall Tale Forrest.

When you start leaving Ternesta castle as Thedo, go to the top left and follow
the path and you will eventually see a large tree. Interact with that and you
will fight him.

You fight her in the VR Arena.

-Generals. (Izen, Floren, Bortas, Rosencroitz, Konabi, Nelgus, Ietzu, Hamachi).
You fight them in the VR Arena.

You fight him in the VR Arena.

-Mr. Kaneshiro.
Upon completing the VR Arena, you will be forced into a fight with him.

During your first mission as Aionis, he can be found in the bottom left corner of
the second area.

-Jeinkens. (Secret Bossish…)
After you complete your first mission, talk to a clown standing in the shopping district
in Chendun. After defeating him, Atsumora will gain Rapid Raging Fists.

-Falnarion Kotzu.
He is located outside of the Chendun Hospital.
It is suggested you do not attempt to fight him without a full party.

-The Nightmare Beast.
He is found during an event in the Forrest of Memories.

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