Smushi Come Home: 100% Achievement Guide

Written Guide with screenshots.
100% Achievement Guide for Smushi Come Home



Smushi come home was a fun game to collect all the achievements in. There are no missable achievements, and you can get all the achievements in your first playthrough. If you miss anything you can go always back

Maps of the areas:

Story Achievements

These are achievements you get as you progress through the story.

You need to collect two blueberries

First Blueberry you can find Myrtle Pools. You need to pay 60 green crystals for it. There is a quest nearby that pays a lot of crystal and you can collect crystal from around the map.

The second blueberry is in the crystal caverns behind a crystal wall. You need to complete a puzzle to break the wall with a heavy ball.
Now that you have both blueberries feed them to the lizard so you can progress to the next area

first you talk to this npc. They tell you need to collect some gunpowder.

then you go to the clubhouse

At Maple Sanctuary you can find the og founder of the club. Talk to her and then go back to the clubhouse to get the first gunpowder

Jump up here to get the small lamp.

Talk to the Blacksmith npc to get the headlamp. Now you can enter the cave.

In the cave dont jump donw the hole yet. You will miss the second lover and one muhsroom type.

At the end of the cave you can collect you second gunpowder. Now you can go back to the green mushroom guy so you can progress to the next area.

When you talk to the bucket capybara, he ask you to find his friend Chungy in a cave. Save Chungy to get this achievement.

clean up all the coruption at the Sacred Holm

Help both Capybaras so they can make up with their sibling

Other achievements

These are some optional quests that give you rewards and achievements. If you miss them, you can always come to them back later.

To get the Ancient Frisbees achievement you need to bring both relics to the researcher

To get the Crazy for Strawberries you need to knock down all the strawberries

first collect the elastic band near the crystal cavern

then jump from this point to reach the top of the wooden structure. You need at least 1 wind essence to reach it.

talk to the npc and knock down the Strawberries

You need to collect two acorns and feed them to the thing in the hole at Restless Stream.

You need to save the two lovers inside the Cryptic Cavern. You need the flint and steal to do it.

Lover 1:

behind this wall

Lover 2:

behind this wall

Talk to Onion behind the locked door. You can find the key at the Indigo Island after solwing a puzzle.


You need to complete these challenges to get their responding achievements and rewards.

The second Honey Challenge at Waxcap Falls

Both obstacle courses at Maple Sancturay

Beat all three Glider Challenge at Maple Sanctuary

Complete the diver challange at Divers Locus

Blossom shrines

Blossom shrines can be found only in the first area. Complete them to get the flower skin for Smushi. If you have troubles finding the shrines look at the map of the area in “information” section of this guide.

Talk to this guy to start the quest. They are at the beginnig of the first area.

The yellow flower and shrine can be found close by.

For the orange flower you need a sword. You can buy one by the beach for 30 green crystals.

You can find the blue flower just above the shrine.

The pink flower is a bit more tricky. You need to find two hands behind the vines and bring them to this statue. Then the pink flower will appear and you can bring it to the pink shrine.

Then you can go to the flower guy again and they will give you your reward :3


After talking to the Snail mycologist and helping them find their pen, they give you a Mycology Journal to find new mushrooms species on your own. You just need to walk up to them and touch them.

You can find the Snail mycologist at the beginning of the first area.

First area:
Non of these are hard to find.

You can find Mycena haematopus at the beginnig of the first area.

Hypholoma capnoides grows just a bit further down the road.

Volvopluteus gloiocephalus is growing in Myrtle Pools

Chalciporus piperatus can be found at the Bolete Beach

Above Myrtle Pools is a fairy ring of growing Macrolepiota procera.

Anemone woods are full of Entoloma hochstetteri

Second area:
for some you need to come back later in the game

Hygrocybe flavescens grows at the beginning of the area at Waxcap Falls

Amanita mascaria grows around the honey challenge at Waxcap Falls

Daedaleopsis tricolor grows near the bird house at Restless Stream.

Exsudoporus frostii grows around the gliding minigame at maple Sanctuary.

Grows near the Cryptic Cavern.

Mycena chlorophos grows inside the Cryptic Caver. You need to walk trough a pipe to find it.

You need to enter the secret underwater entrence. You need the Essence of water for that (you can find it in the third area)

Third area:

Psathyrella aquatica is grows underwater by the Hidden Lotus island.

Lactarius indigo grows all around Indigo Island

Clavaria zollingeri grows around Sacred Holm

Hygrocybe conica grows in the coruptet area at Sacred Holm.


Smushi can collect Augmenter to change their look. You need 12 purple crystal to craft one skin. You need to craft all of them to get the achievement.

There are 4 Augmenter in the first area. You can get only 3 of them at the beginning of the game.

You get the Amethyst Shroomie for completing the orange flower shrine

You get the Strawberry Augmenter for completing the Strawberry Quest

You get the flower Augmenter for activating all the blossom shrines and talking to the flower guy.

You get the SHO Augmenter after talking to Onion behind the lock door. You get the key in the third area.

There are 4 Augmenter in the second area. You can get only 3 of them at the beginning of the game.

You get the Honey Shroomie from completing the timed honey challenge

You get the Verdant Augmenter from completing the second parkour challenge.

You get the Pelagic Augmenter from saving one of the lovers in the Cryptic Cavern

You get the Sparkle Shroomie by entering the secret underwater entrance and parkour your way up. You need the Essence of water for that (you can find it in the third area)

There are 2 Augmenter in the third area.

You get the Clavaria Augmenter after completing the diver challange.

You get the Ink Capt if you the piano puzzle complete in the cave.

Wind essence

You get wind essence from forest spirits. Wind essence allows you to glide longer.

First area:

The first wind essence can be found on top of the tree stump surrounded by a fairy ring.

The second wind essence can be found in anemone woods

Second area:

There is a half hidden to the right of the bird house. You can find the wind essence there.

Third area:

You can buy the last wind essence at Indigo Island for 40 green crystals.


You get spores from different things. Spores allow you to sprint longer.

First area:

You get 3 spores from completing these blossom shrines

Second area:

Talk to this npc and buy a flint and steal from them. Then Light all the candles around the gliding challenge.

You get one spore from feeding the thing in the hole two acorns

You get one spore from saving one of the lovers inside the Cryptic Cavern

Third area:

You can buy the last sprore at Indigo Island for 40 green crystals.

Green crystals

You can find green crystal everywhere. It’s not hard collect 400 of them. You get this achievement naturally through playing if you look out for them.

Thanks to Zikfrid for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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  1. I have forgotten where the secret door is located. I have the key, just can’t remember the location. Could you put that in your guide please?

    Thanks for taking the time to make the guide 🙂

    • Hi Steve,

      The secret door is located in the Garden of Spring (the first exploration area). It’s near Mycena entry. You can see it on the map key. Hope this helps!

      P.S. Love you, too! (Because the fire’s name is Steve and he says he loves you at some point in the game lol)

  2. just a heads up there’s one more wind essence!! forest of fall – the very top of the map, maple sanctuary near the glide challenge, there’s a vine doorway to chop through and then climb to the top once you’re inside!


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