Sisters_Possession1: Missable Recruit Characters List

A simple list of unit of recruit-able character that’s possible to missed.


Missable Recruit Characters List

-Chapter 1~2-
No Missable

-Chapter 3-
Possess her with McMurdo

-Chapter 4-
Possess her with Rick or Vargas

-Chapter 5-
Possess her with anyone
(McMurdo as possessor can let him speak to the other maids to switch sides)

-Chapter 6-
[Erica] [Lily] [Leina]
Defeat them before the spirits escapes with their bodies.

-Chapter 7-
Talk to him using McMurdo, best chance is when he finished a lap swimming across the river, unable to talk to him after he cross the river the second time, as he will stops at the other side of the river.

Give her food
(also her weapon can be recovered from the village near the starting point)

Get to her before she got killed
(You can also possess her using rick and went to the village and perform the scheduled dance performance to get an additional 2000 gold (total of 5000 gold)

Possess her or talk to her using rick, or talk to her using Nicola

Recruit along with Lawson *Refer to Lawson note*

-Chapter 8-
No Missable
*Originally from the Japanese version, every single enemy must be defeated using a special skill [subdue] to recruit the characters from chapter 8, but it was removed from this version due to it being to hard for alot of players.*

-Chapter 9-~~~~
Coming soon

Thanks to xRainZx for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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