SIGNALIS: How to Access Debug Menu

Simple guide on how to access the Signalis debug menu.   Before starting Before starting, make sure to close Signalis. In order to edit the required files, you will need a program capable of it. For this guide I will be using HxD. It can be downloaded at Downloads | mh-nexus[] Its not a virus, I … Read more

SIGNALIS: All Maps (Equipment, Enemies & Key Item Locations)

Maps of the various SIGNALIS locations with enemy placement, weapon and ammo, key items, equipment and characters. The guide is based on the Normal mode playthrough, so some details will vary from Casual and Survival but will mostly be the same.   Introduction & Map Icons What follows are the maps I’ve put together for … Read more

SIGNALIS: Inventory Guide (How to Manage)

Are you having troubles with your inventory?   Introduction Signalis has been an amazing experience, one I’ll definitely play through again and again. Some folks might not be used to the challenging restrictions these games have, so I’ve made an incredibly pretentious guide for them about survival-horror games. Is frustration a bad thing? One of … Read more

SIGNALIS: Survival Guide (Step-by-step Walkthrough)

A more or less step-by-step walkthrough tailored to Survival difficulty detailing routes for minimal backtracking and some strategies to handle specific rooms Its not specific for any particular ending (i dont include anything related to the secret ending), just to get you through survival. I dont detail picking up non-critical documents and such altho the … Read more

SIGNALIS: How to Get All Achievements

A quick rundown of all achievements available in SIGNALIS and how to earn them. Spoiler Alert!!!   Introduction REMEMBER OUR PROMISE SIGNALIS may not have very many achievements, but the game provides no clues or hints as to how to acquire any of them. This guide should clear up any confusion on how to get … Read more

SIGNALIS: Endings Requirements Guide

What seems to work for me for unlocking the different endings discovered by Timbrewolf. Note: this guide was based on User Timbrewolf’s game experience. if there is any information incorrect. please leave a comment to let me know!   Mild Spoilers Maybe I’ll try not to actually give away any plot points but be warned. Obviously … Read more