Shelter 3: 100% Achievement Guide

A guide to getting all the achievements in the game. Please read the note.


All achievements can be obtained in one playthrough. Before passing, read the guide, as there is no chapter selection in the game and you will not be able to return to the previous area. All achievements are in chronological order.
These two achievements are unmissable. After the first part of the game, landmarks will appear. Approach everyone to move the story further, at the end of the game you will receive an achievement for all the landmarks. To search for landmarks press the “Mouse wheel”.

In the Ancestor’s Footsteps
The Journey’s End
Flamboyant Flight
This achievement can be done at the very beginning of the game. When you see a flock of flamingos, hold down the “Shift” and run at them.

A Good Mother
You will most likely receive this achievement automatically. We need to feed the smallest elephant calf. Press “E” when he is near.

You will also likely receive this achievement automatically as you progress. You need to break the tree shown in the screenshot. Bamuk will work too.

Pretty Pick
After the first part of the game (entry). At the very beginning, near the hillock (where the first landmark is), there will be pink flowers. Approach them and press “LMB” and then you will receive the achievement.

Thirst Quencher
The puddle can be found after the first part of the game (entry). When you are given control, move only straight and you will reach a clearing with puddles. Press “E” when you stand in a puddle and the elephant drinks it.
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