Shadow Empire: Logistics Guide (All You Should Know)

This Guide is a complete how-to on logistics in Shadow Empire. Within this arcane tome is the forbidden knowledge of “where’s my ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ food?”, as well as the many untold mysteries of “how do trains?”. Enter at your own peril, seeker of knowledge, your sanity may suffer! Contains Planes, Trains, and Automobiles; how to unstuck … Read more

Shadow Empire: Unit Formations Tech Tree

The tech tree for discovering and researching all ground Order of Battles. It is mostly the same as the tree for upgrading/downgrading from one formation type to another.   Introduction & Basics Formations with an OHQ (brigades, corps, and armies) have to be discovered and researched similarly to all techs in Shadow Empire. Unfortunately, there … Read more

Shadow Empire: Turn 1 Guide

Take your first steps into the Shadow Empire universe with these guides to your first turns.   Explore the surroundings Where are you? What’s in the surrounding territory? Who do you border? Non-aligned, Minors or Majors nearby? Use your starting militia forces to explore the initial area, especially along any pre-existing roads. To move your … Read more

Shadow Empire: How to Run Game in a Window

Shadow Empire doesn’t have an in-game configuration option to toggle between windowed and fullscreen mode, but you can run the game in the window with a simple change to a text file. Changing to Windowed Mode Follow these steps to change the game to run in a Window: In your Steam Library, right-click Shadow Empire … Read more