Shadow Empire: How to Run Game in a Window

Shadow Empire doesn’t have an in-game configuration option to toggle between windowed and fullscreen mode, but you can run the game in the window with a simple change to a text file.

Changing to Windowed Mode
Follow these steps to change the game to run in a Window:

  1. In your Steam Library, right-click Shadow Empire to open the context menu
  2. Select Manage.. and then Browse Local Game Files
  3. Scroll down in the Windows Explorer window that opens until you find windows.txt
  4. Double-click this file to open it in Notepad.

    It will say something like:



  5. We are going to edit this to our preferences. For example, to have the game run in a 1080p window, we would change it to:


  6. Change the values to your preference and save and close the document.
  7. Run the game! After you click through the launcher, the game should now be running in a window at the resolution that you’ve specified!
Changing back to fullscreen mode
To change back to running in fullscreen mode, simply edit windows.txt again and set windowed_mode to off.




If windowed_mode is set to off, then the game will use your desktop resolution instead of the values in windows.txt

Things to be aware of in Windowed Mode
Here are a couple of pointers when running in Windowed Mode

  1. The mouse is locked to the window by default. To change this, on the main game screen select Prefs -> GFX & Resolution and click the Mouse Lock button

  2. Shadow Empire does not support Edge Scrolling when run in a window. To scroll the map you should use the keyboard arrow keys or use the in-game mini-map

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