Session Skate Sim: How to Fix Ghosting and Motion Blur Issue (Tested Working for V1.0)

Here is a method created by Clowns to solve the ghosting and motion blur issue in Session: Skate Sim.

Note: This solution works for the latest version 1.0.


How to Fix Ghosting and Motion Blur Issue

Open your file explorer and go to

If you don’t see appdata folder click VIEW in the top left of your file explorer and click the check box for HIDDEN ITEMS at the top right.

Now look for the text file called “Engine”, open it with a text editor or notepad and copy paste this inside of it at the bottom, if you don’t have it just make a file Engine.ini and then paste the following.


As of 1.0 you might not need to add this next part in your Engine file, for me ambient occlusion isn’t causing ghosting anymore.



FINAL STEP, open the game go to options then video and turn Anti-Aliasing to medium or low, higher than medium causes ghosting in my tests, every other setting can be set to whatever you want.

I also suggest if not having Anti-Aliasing is annoying you can look into installing Reshade, or what I do is force anti aliasing in the Nvidia control panel to 2x or higher, this uses a different type of AA that doesn’t cause ghosting.

This works as of version 1.0, it may not work in future updates, also you might have to reapply it after an update comes out.

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