Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter: Treasure Collection Guide (How to Get Coin-op Gold Rush Achievement)

A guide to finding treasure for your coin-op experience in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter.

More specifically, helps you complete the achievement Coin-Op Gold Rush as fast as you can going to as few maps as possible.



Treasure Coin Guide / Coin-Op Gold Rush Achievement Guide
First off, I want to tell you do not be scared of this achievement. There are lots of stories about it and rumors about how you have to do it, etc. But it is not that hard, because there is a lot of treasure everywhere.
This is a guide telling you where all the treasure is…so far it is partial. I got the achievement in the fourth map: Teto:Serpent Yards so you don’t even have to play the whole game. The extra life one you mostly do tho.
So if you just want to do the coins quickly and save lives for another day you can do that. But they can easily be done at the same time.

This is a PARTIAL guide.
There are 3 types of treasure: Coins, Bags, and Chests. (250, 10000, 25000 pts)
For the Gold rush achievement, it only counting the coins, but it is a VERY good idea to get the bags and chests too. Every 100000 points you get you get a free life and that is VERY important. If you get killed by a trap you lose a life. If you lose all your lives, game ends and you have to start over at the beginning so that more lives you have the better.
Because now comes the bad news: You have to do Gold rush in one unstoppable run. No saving (you can’t anyway). Once you start, allow 1 player and set it to tourist and autocycle the maps. Starting at the beginning is easiest and just run thru it. I am pretty sure this is ALL of the treasure. Possible I missed one or two…
Another important thing is that treasure is out in the open. You don’t have to break anything open or destroy anything to see it. You may have to go behind or inside buildings tho. Coins are typically VERY visible while bags and chests are hidden and you have to search for them.
So here is the list. I basically describe it as you go and where things are. When I list coins I put the total number in parentheses () so you can count as you go.

Palenque – Sierra

  • Swim across pond to the left to get treasure bag.
  • Follow the mountains around left all the way back left. You find crates. Near that by the building is secret treasure bag.
  • On the ledge on both sides of the pyramid building are 4 coins each. (8)
  • After you are locked in and kill harpies, the door opens. There is a coin outside by the superspeed.
  • At the end after the valley where you fight bulls and green guys. To the left of the building is a treasure bag.
  • On the stepping logs across the pond in front of the building are 10 coins. (10)
  • In the long valley of grey rocks, there is also a treasure bag halfway to the building on the rocks on the left side. I don’t know how to get to it. There’s superhealth there too.

Palenque – Valley of the Jaguar

  • You are now inside a huge cavern with jumping fans.
  • After jumping on the first fans there is a bridge with 4 coins. (4)
  • After all the jumping, go inside. To the right of the firetrap is a Treasure bag.
  • You go back to cavern and there are big blue super jump ramps. On the second and fourth super blue ramp is a coin each. (2)
  • After the third button press, when you get to the last of the fans you see a door and a little porch. On top of the roof you see some ammo. Jumping onto the low fan, you can jump high to the left and land on the bouncer stone to jump on top of the building entrance to get secret ammo and 1 coin. It’s hard to do jumping. I did it by accident and couldn’t repeat. But if you simply jump normally by the door you can just jump onto the superjump stone from there and get it. (1)
  • When you come back outside to green grass, after the kleer/mech fight there is a bag on the other side of the first tree ahead of you.
  • From the entrance, go right. The first pyramid you will see 6 coins on either side of the steep stairs going up (three on either side) You must fight the pig first. (6)
  • Next, go to the building to the right of this one. There are two little buildings on either side. In the right little building is a treasure chest. At the door to the left one is a treasure bag.
  • Keep going around to the right into a dead end valley. At the base of the dead end is a treasure bag.
  • In the middle of this whole area is a small staired structure where you put the jaguars. Around the base are 8 coins (8)

Teotihuacan – The City of the Gods

  • This place is hard to describe. It is a lot of buildings.
  • There’s a snake door. To the right of that door is another door with a path. On either side of the path are columns. In between the columns are 6 coins. (6)
  • Go to the snake door and turn left. You’ll find a treasure bag.
  • Opposite the snake door is a pyramid too steep to climb. Behind the pyramid is a set of 2 doors side by side. Go back there and turn left. In the corner you’ll find a treasure bag.
  • Up on a platform is a door that will open for the angry mask. Go through the door, go down halls and fight some stuff. Get the mask. FIght some stuff. Blow up a wall. There is a treasure chest there far left corner from the entrance (I THINK I had to blow it up. Maybe it revealed itself. I was rocketing bulls and kleers and suddenly it was there so not sure. But those cubbyholes weren’t there when i entered the room)
  • Go back to the door with the columns. Enter. Inside is stuff to fight. Then go up the stairs and jump to get 3 hanging coins with 3 jumps. (3)
  • In the happy mask room, there is a treasure bag on the right side.
  • Once through the snake door you’ll see 6 jaguar statues. On the middle two are coins. (2)
  • Find a tree that sparkles at its base. Touch it. It teleports you to the secret yard of heads. There are a bunch of pools. One of them has a treasure bag. This pool was one of the only ones that didn’t have lots of ammo in it. Kill the giant fish first obv.
  • Go back out.
  • Open a building with raising double garage doors. There are aliens and a giant scorpion inside. Kill everything. Then go inside and find 2 coins at the back. (2)
  • Go to the next area. It is a long outdoor corridor. You get a cannon. After the long outdoor corridor with the cannon and the bulls, kamikazes, kleer, and mech waves. Go out into a new yard. The EXTRA LIFE is right there.
  • In this yard are lots of buildings. Fight everything. At the back of the yard behind a building is a treasure chest.
  • You finally go to a building with a door. Open and go in. There are pumpkinheads. Kill them. There is a ramp down at the end. There are coins on the ramp but THIS IS TRICKY. BE PREPARED!!!! There are about 10. But you have to move left and right to catch them all. Easy to miss some as they are in a pattern of like left center right right center left center right, etc. And you can’t go back. Just try to catch as many as you can. I only got two lol. (10)
  • In a hallway with moving floor momentum and spike walls at the end is a treasure bag. This is the area you will lose the most lives. First crushing trap room is the other place :).
  • Opposite side of the lava river is a treasure chest.
  • In the room past the lava river there is a railing on each side. There are 6 coins on platforms connecting the railings. Jump to all. (6)

Teotihuacan – Serpent Yards

  • There is the entrance with 2 triangle holes in the wall and 2 jaguars looking down. To the left and right, you can see 3 coins each floating in the air (6)
  • You come to a more open area with a stairs around a big rectangle area. Three coins are floating in the air to catch on the way down into it. (3)
  • You’ll fight things down there. Turn left. Go down the outdoor corridor. It bends to the right. At the corner is a building. Go behind it. There are 7 coins on the ground. (7)
  • Go down the corridor. There is another corner. Another building. Behind it is a treasure bag
  • This is the electric fence part. Turn right past the electric fence are 6 coins on the ground either side (you’ll have to fight waves of bulls first) (6)
  • Next yard after electric fence yard. Treasure bags are in the left and right corner from door
  • Follow around to the left and behind the statue is another Treasure bag. There are 2 more bags in the other 2 corners of the yard
  • Go to the only door that will open.
  • In the next yard are treasure bags on the ground
  • By the TNT plunger behind the big pyramid is a treasure chest
  • There’s a locked door (that becomes open) in an elevated building with 2 jaguars looking down. Inside is secret armor and a treasure chest
  • Go thru double snake door.
  • In next yard is extra life.
  • There is a building. Inside is spike pit on the floor. Opposite the front door outside is a long pool with 5 coins. (5)
  • Swim this pool. On the other side is another door. In it are ramps going down. Under ramps are 2 treasure bags
  • There is a jaguar building with a big looking jaguar statue and little jaguars. There are 3 coins on each side hovering. (6)
  • Go inside. There is a tunnel with 8 coins. (8)
  • BOOM! I got the achievment here!

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