Serious Sam 4: All Dossier Locations

A guide detailing the locations to all Dossiers available for listening/reading in Netricsa.   Introduction Here is a list of the amount of Dossiers per level, by type: Notes Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – 3 notes When in Rome – 1 note A Breakfast in France – 2 notes One for the Road – 3 notes Anathema Unto … Read more

Serious Sam 4: “A Breakfast in France” Guide (How to Create a Topo Map)

Some tips and tricks for hiking in the large level “A Breakfast in France” – and how to create a topographic map for it (quite technical)   Introduction & Disclaimer When reaching “A Breakfast in France” you are welcomed with a great vista towards some snowy mountains in the distance – and no close barriers … Read more

Serious Sam 4: All Secrets Guide

An illustrated guide to all the secrets in the game, with the rewards described. this guide is work in progress, we will update later.   Death from Above (8 secrets) Secret 1 – Rocket Launcher *Behind this broken wardrobe in the first tunnel is the traditional “first level Rocket Launcher” Secret 2 – Health & … Read more