SD GUNDAM G GENERATION CROSS RAYS: How to Double your Money within 10 Minutes

Here is a simple guide on how to make more money in SD GUNDAM G GENERATION CROSS RAYS game. feel free to make a comment at the end of this guide.


In order to do this you’ll need these items:
1. 9 Status Quo skill
– can be found as a reward for “Defend Neutral Zone” dispatch
2. 9 created vanilla pilots
– DO NOT add stats or other skills.
– the only thing you will add is the Status Quo skill
3. A warship with 9 slots
4. A commander crew with at least 900 Command stat
– for this you will need to train the crew
5. A Guest crew with at least 900 Charisma
– for this you will need to train the crew
6. A crew that has EXP alphax skill.
7. Gundam Wing EW in your production list.

The Grind
1. Start with getting 9 “Status Quo” from the “Defend Neutral Zone” dispatch.
2. Created 9 pilots and then gave them one status quo each.
3. Raised money to get the GUEST crew’s Charisma to at least 800
4. Raised money to get the COMMANDER crew Command to at least 900, plus get some Control skill.
5. In parallel i was trying to get the Gundam Wing EW, the one with one buster rifle but EW version.
6. Once getting that in my production list, I put all 9 status quo pilots with the 900 charisma and commander crews in a warship squad.
7. Started with 2 or 3 with some other units, and do the mission Mobile suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Gekko’s first mission “The Foe: Gundam”. Repeat until you get the Wing EW to lvl 7. Always use the Warship link-up to sweep, do not make them attack any enemies including Astaroth and keep them within the command area of your warship.
8. Develop the Wing EW to Wing Gundam Zero EW
7. Dismantle the Wing Gundam Zeroes
8. Buy more Wing EWs, put them to your squad and repeat the mission.

– I only deploy 1 warship in that mission. you can level 9 Wing EWs to level 7 in Extra difficulty if you can kill the siblings in one Warship link-up with EXP boost alpha skill each turn. and the mission can be run within 10 minutes or less if you can skip the cut scenes.
– if you have the dlc where you get a huge xp boost and you have a lot of those cooldown items, you can run this from dispatch and fast track with 28 cooldown items (7x 4 dispatches)
summary: you’ll buy 9 wings for 35400 then sell it in 654300

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