SCP Secret Laboratory: All Map Layouts (V12.0.2)

Every map layout for all three underground zones as of version 12.0.2   Introduction Hey, D-Boy. Tired of looting Light Containment Zone through the usage of suboptimal and inefficient loot routes? Sick of dying to SCPs because you don’t know the shortest path to the exit you saw earlier? Unable to find Intercom because you … Read more

SCP: Secret Laboratory – SCP-330 Candy Guide (Halloween Event)

SCP-330 is a new SCP item, temporarily added for the Halloween 2020 event. It is located on the table where the Zone Manager keycard spawns in SCP-012’s room. SCP-012’s room has been renamed to SCP-330’s room for this event. Pressing [use] on SCP-330 will deposit a random candy in the player’s inventory. If pressed more … Read more

SCP Secret Laboratory: How to Install Exiled on Linux

This is an easy tutorial to install exiled in a SCP:SL server on Linux.   Requirements SCP:SL server installedĀ check this if you dont have it yet. Brain Get in the official EXILED discord server for supportĀ Discord Server[] Installation > cd in any location you want. Commands: Replace 2.1.7 with latest available version !!!!!!!!!!![] wget –no-check-certificate … Read more

SCP: Secret Laboratory – All Status Effects

Not everyone has access to an admin menu so here’s something to fix curiosity Format Key Every status effect is applyable via the Remote Admin menu or typed out Admin Commands but not all can be applied without them the Remote Admin Menu uses 3 colour codes on the status effects to indicate their use, … Read more

SCP: Secret Laboratory – Utility Guide

Teaching you the correct way to use utility in SCP:SL including the utility SCPs.Grammar and spelling errors are present.   Adrenalinject Grabbin a shot! Ways of obtaining. Lockers Spawning in as MTF Commander Putting a Medkit on fine in SCP-914 What does it give ? 30AHP (Armoured Hitpoints) Regens 45-60HP over-time (Useful if you’re low … Read more