School Sweets Discovery granulated sugar edition: 100 Achievement Guide

Quick achievement guide for the homies. Please enjoy and collect your W.



Story (7)

That is a legendary donut
Played story mode

Whereabouts of the legendary donut
Played the story to the end

Unlocks naturally as you complete the extremely short story.

I wanted to eat that taste …

Winning donuts

Two people get along well

These achievements can be brute forced. Just pick all the options out of the 3 since the “story” is very short. I suspect the endings are tied to how many answers you correctly answer in the story.

A forked world
I saw two kinds of endings

Ending complete!
I saw 3 different endings

Unlocks naturally as you complete the 3 endings above.

Challenge Mode (8)

In challenge mode, you are asked to answer as many questions as you can in 22 seconds.

It ends automatically if you make a mistake. You can easily retry and get right back to it.

Challenge to continuous correct answer
Played challenge mode

See the result of the challenge
Played challenge mode to the end

Unlocks naturally as you complete your first challenge mode.

Triple 2!
A total of 222 questions were answered correctly

This is cumulative and accumulates from both Story and Challenge mode.

I can still go!
Correctly answered 4 or more questions in challenge mode

Worked hard!
Correctly answered 10 or more questions in challenge mode

It’s amazing!
Correctly answered 16 or more questions in challenge mode

Dr. Genius!
Correctly answered 19 or more questions in challenge mode

These 4 achievements are based on your end score in challenge mode.

I won!
Select Tsukasa and answer 22 times in a row

It’s an overwhelming victory …!
Select Himeka and answer 22 times in a row

Same as above. See the Cheat Sheet section below and get to memorizing!

Cheat Sheet

Other (5)

Thank you for starting

– on startup

The world is in this hand
Collected 6 types of pictorial books

Picture book complete!
Collected all kinds of pictorial books

Pictorial book achievements are freebies. They’re unlocked in conjunction with the endings above.

All complete!
I saw all the pictorial books and endings

thank you!
Play the voice with the character description in the picture book (Click the character)

  • See Interface at the start of the guide.
  • Go to Voice Clips
  • Click the portraits on the left.


You are a legend
Acquired all achievements

At 21/22 achievements, restart your game (hard check) and this will pop on the menu.

Thanks to Jedo for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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