Save Room Organization Puzzle: How to Get the Missing Achievements (Game Comletion 100%)

This will show you how to get the achievements you missed after completing the game.


Best Practices

When I beat this game I missed three achievements. They were easy to get after I knew what they were. As you go along through the game make sure you examine each unique object. That will leave fewer things to try at the very end.

All Achievements and Descriptions

Complete level 1

Complete level 3

Complete level 5

Complete level 7

Complete level 9

Complete level 11

Complete level 13

Complete level 15

Complete level 17

Complete level 19

Complete level 21

Complete level 23

Complete level 25

Complete level 27

Complete level 29

Complete level 31

Complete level 33

Complete level 35

Complete level 37

Complete level 39

Heh heh heh… Thank you!
Complete all levels

Magic Pockets
Finish a level with two free spaces or more. (Complete level 6)

First Aid
Used a health item. (Complete level 11)

Chambers’s pupil
Performed a herb combination. (Complete level 16 or level 17)

Intoxicating power
Lost health. (Complete level 21)

Stranger, now that’s a weapon!
Examined one of your weapons.

Wait that’s illegal.
Tried to use a red or yellow herb.

You’re not ready yet!
Tried to finish a level without reloading your guns.

Not enough health, stranger.
Tried to finish a level while wounded.

Can I eat that?
Used every health item.

Did you catch the reference?
Examined all items.

How to get the last few achievements

Stranger, now that’s a weapon!
I’d be more surprised if you beat the game without getting it. Just select EXAMINE on any weapon.

Wait that’s illegal.
This is very easy to miss because it’s a secret achievement. All you need to do is select USE on a plain red or yellow herb.

You’re not ready yet!
To get this one, solve a level while a weapon is empty. A blinking yellow light will appear where the success prompt is. The earliest level you can get this in is level 6 by not reloading either weapon.

Not enough health, stranger.
Similar to the previous achievement, simply complete a level with low health. A blinking yellow light will appear where the success prompt is. Level 11 is the earliest you can solve a puzzle with red health. Reload the shotgun, reload the pistol, combine any extra shotgun ammo, and combine the rifle ammo. You’ll also need to reload the rifle, but you can put it off until the end. Complete the puzzle without healing to get the achievement.

I don’t think it’s possible to get this with yellow health. I tried but couldn’t find a level where that was an option.

Can I eat that?
By the time you’ve gotten to level 40 you’ve already eaten an egg, a fish, the green egg, the rotten fish, and used a healing spray. Make sure you’ve eaten the following herb combinations:
Green + Green
Green + Green + Green
Green + Yellow
Green + Red
Green + Red + Yellow

Level 40 has triplets of all three kinds of herbs.

Did you catch the reference?
You have to examine every single item in the game. Here’s a list.

  • Handgun (9mm pistol)
  • Dmp (UZI machine pistol)
  • Fixed Butterfly (revolver)
  • Killer6 (Desert Eagle)
  • Shotgun (shotgun with wooden finish)
  • Riotgun (shotgun with black and stainless steel finish)
  • Dlaser-93s (bolt-action sniper with wooden finish)
  • Nk-13 (semi-auto sniper with camo print)
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Red Smoke Grenade
  • Green Smoke Grenade
  • Yellow Smoke Grenade
  • Hg Ammo (handgun ammo)
  • Mp Ammo (machine pistol ammo)
  • Mg Ammo (magnum ammo)
  • Sg Ammo (shotgun ammo)
  • Rf Ammo (rifle ammo)
  • Red Gun Powder
  • Green Gun Powder
  • Blue Gun Powder
  • Brown Egg
  • Sardine
  • First Aid Spray
  • Green Egg
  • Sardine (rotten)
  • Green Herb
  • Red Herb
  • Yellow Herb
  • Herbs Vial (G + G)
  • Herbs Vial (G + G + G)
  • Herbs Vial (G + R)
  • Herbs Vial (G + Y)
  • Herbs Vial (G + R + Y)
  • Herbs Vial (R + Y)

Thanks to Define Brackish Water for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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