Savage Lands Maps Updated 2021

Updated maps in 2021 for Savage Lands. 3rd map added with updated locations including where and how to find bosses on each island.


Boss locations

  • Lord Kruul, night only, Saval.
  • Rycnth The Red Wolf Spirit, night only, Tuloca Woods.
  • If bosses don’t appear, try killing everything you see, it may help spawn them in faster.


Boss locations

  • Chilkoot the Devourer in Eldair Woods
  • Yingol, Helion, and Kiffi in Carta Sul.
    • Respawn times are very inconsistent.
    • May need to have multiple saved worlds for farming.
    • My main world only spawned Helion and Kiffi, but my 2nd world only spawned Yingol.
    • Everytime you enter Carta Sul, killing all enemies helps spawn in the bosses quicker. If you cleared the area, leave Carta Sul, and return to main menu, and load back in to reset the world.
  • 4 Forest Giants, yellow markers on the map.
    • Eldar in Wildwood
    • Ket in Shudderwood
    • Thuum in Northlands
    • Grot in Oscira through the 2nd portal.
  • If bosses don’t appear, try killing everything you see, it may help spawn them in faster.
  • The Needle/Secret Weapon
    • Burn the 2 hay bales by the last house on the lake in Lake Tyvek. Once the hay bales are burned with a torch, one of them should drop The Needle which is a special weapon useful for Oscira.


The map looks big, but it actually feels just as small as Snowmere when roaming around.

Boss Locations

  • Lycor in the Ruins of Kettazah.
    • Unsure about the best way to get him to spawn in. Probably just like all the other bosses, fighting everything you see may increase chance of getting him to spawn in.
    • I’ve been to the Ruins of Kettazah roughly 8-10 times and I have only seen him once and it was random as I was just running through and not even fighting.
  • The Dragon Kur in Kettazah.
    • Only available to fight him on the 3rd island.
    • Need to use a piece of everwood. With the everwood in inventory, go to Ruins of Kettazah and you will see a platform up in the air sitcking out. The Gong is on top of the platform.
    • Run into or use the E key to interact with the Gong. But only once so you don’t use up all of your Everwood.
    • Everwood can be collected by farming forest giants. Everwood is a random drop with a 10% cahnce of being dropped.

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