Saturnalia: 100% Clues, Items and Their Locations (WIP)

Track down and find those last few clues with an interactive map of them all.


Interactive map (recommended)

Click here[] to access an interactive map of all the clues, their descriptions and locations. Spoilers inside.

Clue list (Not recommended)

Below is a written list of all the clues. Its included in case you have troubles loading the interactive map and to be accessible for big picture controller players.

Row 1

Castle Tourist Sign
An alternate entry to the castle through the bar.
Sergio: “According to local lore, this is how paramours snuck into the castle..”

Castle Entrance
The main gate closes automatically every night.
Sergio: “Bruno would always remind me to use the path around the village…”

Bruno’s Office
An office near the museum of Sardinian folklore.
Sergio: “Must have been locked up When the castle became a tourist attraction.”

Perpetual Calendar
Set to December 21st, 1959.
Sergio: “Very cumbersome. Bruno Kept it on his desk.”

Umberto’s Letter
To Bruno: “I know how important it was that Sergio get your package. It was sent. Leave him alone.”
Sergio: “What? What package? I never received anything!”

Bruno’s Note
“Tecla, Izem, and will end the curse. If we fail, finish our work in the castle’s secret chamber.”
Sergio: “A secret chamber… In the castle’s library, I would imagine.”

Stained Handkerchief
Blood-stained handkerchief, a sign of silicosis.
Sergio: “My father coughs up blood… The iron lung helps him breathe.”

Wedding Ring
A date is engraved: October 3, 1969.
Claudia: “Mom must have tossed it in the well for good luck, Hope she’s happier.”

Mirai Children Photograph
Framed picture of Tecla and the Mirai children.
Tecla: “Once I tried to warn the parents, they cut ties with me completely.”

Inhibits the effects of opioids such as morphine.
Sergio: “That sure Woke me up. The headache unfortunately remains.”

Gravoi’s Pharmacy
The pharmacy store is closed at night.
Sergio: “They have everything my father needs, Lucky break in a town like this.”

Mara’s School Report
Her grades declined sharply in 1964.
Claudia: “She was such a good student, Something definitely happened.”

Gravoi School
Primary school for children up to age fifteen.
Claudia: “Proudly training future generations of bigots. Glad to be done with it.”

Slide Projector
Displays documents archived in small slides.
Claudia: “So technologically advanced. Maybe we’ll get a Whole computer some day!”


A list of planned updates to this guide:
Add clues/locations in text form.
Add character power guide.
Add achievement guides.
Add spoiler-free guide, which contains drop-down menus for each location.
Add an FAQ on how to progress at common points where people get stuck, like the 5 character quests.

Thanks to Hato1 😉 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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