Salthe: 100% Achievements Guide

Optimized walkthrough + Monkey-Trigger guide.
This guide was created for achievement hunters. Endings that do not unlock achievements are not covered here.
Time to 100%: 1 minute


Preparations & Miscellaneous Achievements

  • Start the game.

    Part The Curtains Launched the game.
  • Go to config-> messages -> and set text settings like so…

    …to enable skip to next choice in-game.
  • Start “New Game”
  • Press “P” on your keyboard. The game will pause…

    Where’s My Towel? Pressed the Panic Button.
  • Press “P” again, to unpause.
  • Press Shift+T or Shift+N or Shift+E to cycle through secondary language/s sub-text

    Subtext Displayed a secondary language.
  • Move your mouse to the right-hand side of the screen until a drop down field appears. Now click on a tile to quicksave your game.

    Easy Saver Made an Easy Save with the menu on the right.
  • Hover over the quick save you just made and drag and drop it into the game window, away from the drop-down window, to quick load it.

    Easy Loader Easy Loaded a save from the menu on the right.


  • Click on  to skip to next choice.

    Break A Leg Viewed the opening movie.
  • 1. “At the very least, i’ll protect some shred of my pride-“
  • 2. Propose we gather a bit more information
  • 2. Tell Marie that we’re not changing plans

    Curtainfall Saw Salthe through to the end.
  • Lastly, click on “Gallery” in the Main Menu.

    Gallery Viewer Visited the Gallery.

By チェリーパイ CherryPie

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