Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin: How to Fix Controller Support Issues

Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin is a new action game developed by Edelweiss. it is now available on Steam. here is some tutorial for you to fix the controller support problem.


How to Fix Controller unsupported Issue?

The main problem is the misplaced settings. The Xbox button icon is shown instead of PS4. The same thing happens to the Xbox. Just swap the settings and it will be fine.

  • controller(in steams general controller settings) is in PS4 config support switch it to xbox config support.
  • controller(in steams general controller settings) is in xbox config support switch it to PS4 controller config support.
  • Game>RMB>properties>steam input Per-Game Settings>use your global steam input settings
  • Game>RMB>properties>use BPM Overlay when Steam input is Active Per-Game Settings>use your global settings or developer preference.


How to Fix The controller is not displayed correctly issue?
Official: (not yet tested, no such problem)
It should be Game>Right click>Content>steam input for individual game settings (forced off).

Hi! If you’re experiencing this issue with the controller button icons, please be sure to disable Steam Input for this game.
1. Right-click the game in your library and go to “Properties”
2. Select “Forced Off” for the Steam Input Per-Game Setting dropdown menu

Alternatively, you can adjust your global Steam Input settings:
Steam -> Settings -> Controller -> General Controller Settings and then make sure the PS4 / Xbox Controller Support option is unticked.

Credit to SG

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