Rule the Waves 3: Intro Into Savegame Modding

A light intro into savegame modding


The file structure

Your savegames are actually complete folders where all kinds of game data is stored in separate files.
The first 5 “savegameslots” are automatically created as empty folders on a new install but if you choose higher numbers the game will create the same folder structure.

Within each savegame folder there are multiple files. All of them are text files that are easily editable with a text editor. I recommend notepad++.

Most files are the actual ship designs in your game, both your own as well as those of the AI.


The “central” savegame file however is RTWGameX.bcs (“X” in all cases in this guide stands for the savegame number). Here you find the date, definitions of the various nations, their wealth, dock size, technological progress etc.

Quick savegame edit tips for RTWGameX.bcs:

The player nation always is Nation0, is you are in -erm- temporary budget difficulties you can edit your current funds in the line


within the [Nation0] segment.

Want to change overall game size (e.g. really supersize all navies):



under [General], which is a flat multiplier on all naval budgets. Warning: excessively high numbers will result in hundreds of capital ships and may result in nations running out of ship names.


MapdataX.dat is the file where provincial ownership and other factors are stored. Changing province ownership between “active” nations is non-trivial because fortifications, airbases and ongoing construction projects are stored in RTWGameX.bcs.

Quick savegame edit tip for MapdataX.dat:

Search for one of your home regions, e.g.


and give yourself a domestic oil source:



There is lots to discover in the savegame files. You can create your own “Final Countdown” scenario or use date editing to create extremely long games with very slow tech progress. And for more ambitious modders savegame editing is the best start. Lots more detailed info is on the NWS RTW2 subforum, most of it applicable to RTW3 as well.

Thanks to tbrsim for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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